Sunday, April 30, 2017

Extra Credit - Outside view

            For this blog, I wanted to turn into a different direction.  As a student, here at UNL it’s safe to say I have a biased opinion of our campus and of our school.  But I was sitting here wondering if UNL yells “attend me”. For a few years now I’ve seen high school kids come through with their red folders touring the campus and whatnot.  But how would a person that has never been to Nebraska, or has ever been exposed to the Husker life through the media feel about this school after being here for the first time?

            Well lucky enough for me I know a person.  I’m from California, I still currently live there and I have no family out here whatsoever.  But the person I’m talking about isn’t me, it’s my girlfriend.  I’m grateful to have made it over a year and half long distance because she too lives back home in California, but how did she feel about UNL after visiting for the first time? Does UNL and the culture around it have enough visual rhetoric and rhetoric in general to want someone that’s never been to go to this school? I went ahead and asked her a few questions about this school to see what types of things UNL does great, and could use some help with, from an outside unbiased opinion. 

            One of the first questions I asked was about the people here at UNL that she had the opportunity to interact with and I got some sort of obvious answers I expected to get.  One of the first things was the people here compared to California.  She thinks the people here are way nicer (she’s right) compared to the people we're used to dealing with.  She also feels that not everyone is in a hurry to get everywhere and everyone is more chill about everything not so uptight.  Not being from Nebraska I couldn’t agree more. 

            Before I came to Lincoln for school, I didn’t look up any pictures of UNL, any dorms, the stadium, I really didn’t see anything related other than the Capitol Building nor had I ever visited.  When she got here she was in the very same boat as I was. So that’s what lead me to ask her about the next question.  Does UNL have enough visual rhetoric to connect to someone to make them want to stay here? She believes for being in the Midwest UNL’s campus is beautiful and she never would have expected it to look so modern and up to date.  She also likes how close city campus is to downtown and she does want to go to grad school here because the atmosphere and the classes did persuade her enough to want to apply.  

            I guess in this case The University of Nebraska does have enough rhetoric to make a girl from California want to go here, which I thought was pretty cool. Plus I go here so that also helps!

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