Sunday, April 30, 2017

Binge and Fast

My media fast and media binge is officially over.

Let’s start off the week on Monday when we first started the binge. For the first couple of hours, it was easy keeping my Facebook open and then popping over to Instagram. Whenever I don’t have homework, I like to throw on some Netflix and watch the newest season of whatever pops up. So you can say most of Monday was pretty easy to get through, but when Monday night hit that was a different story. On Monday night I had seen every post from my friends. I had looked at every picture on Instagram even in the explore section, and my Netflix show had the last episode playing. I was beyond bored. My thought was what is going to happen on Tuesday?? When I woke up I caught up with all of new Facebook posts within a few seconds. Instagram had two pictures and what show am I going to choose next on Netflix now? In the middle of Tuesday I reverted back to the good ole Pinterest. There are endless pins to sift through, so that took up a good portion of my afternoon and evening. On Wednesday I chose a new show to watch, and that was Wednesday.

Now to the fast. Thursday felt like a relief not to have to have my phone always with me or computer screen on. Normally I do not have my phone with me, and if it is, I’m not using it. It was back to what I am used to, but the hard part was after I started my new show on Wednesday I just had finished it. The desire of watching a new Netflix show took over, and I ended up watching most of Thursday night. On Friday most of my day was filled with various activities, and other things to do and technology was not involved in any of it. That was really nice not to have to worry about having a phone.

In the end, I did not like having to have a phone screen or computer screen always on. It took time out of my day and also made time go by way too fast. I started looking through Facebook or Instagram, and then I look at the time, and it is four hours later. When I didn’t have to have my technology with me and I felt very free, and I will actually incorporate it more into my life moving forward. I think it is crucial to be aware of everything around you when you’re walking or driving or doing whatever you do. Take time from the screen to look at the flowers or to find a familiar face walking through a crowd. I see enough people looking down at their phones not enjoying the world around them just the digital world.

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