Sunday, April 30, 2017

Extra Credit Event

The campus event I attended a couple of weeks ago was Phi Delt Phillies. The men of Phi Delta Theta put on the fundraiser to raise awareness and contribute proceeds to a very deserving foundation, the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, or more commonly referred to just as the ALS Association. This nonprofit association promotes research, patient services and awareness about Lou Gehrig's disease. 
You may be familiar with the cause from the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that took place a few years back. Each member of Phi Delt was required to sell a certain number of tickets to ensure the event's success. They also all took charge of various tasks in running the event and their notorious chef was posted at the grill. The rhetorical appeal of pathos was present throughout this event as we were all eating philly cheesestakes in order to aid an association in need. The reasons attendees bought tickets were not only to support the great men of Phi Delt, but also to cope with our empathy of the cause. I think sororities and fraternities putting on events to support worthy causes in need is so wonderful to be a part of. There are stigmas placed on greek life such as that all the members of a sorority/fraternity do or care about is partying. However, from firsthand experience being a member of a sorority I can attest that this stigma is false. It goes to show that greek life on campus does benefit society by modeling great members of society, instilling lifelong values in participants and supporting people in need. I am proud to be greek.

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