Thursday, April 27, 2017

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            An event around campus that caught my attention and I decided to attend it was the president election for the Omani Students Organization. For being an Omani student at UNL and a member of the Omani students organization, this event is important to me in order to know the new president that going to lead our organization for two semesters long. The event took a place at the UNL union last Friday at 7pm, and the audience was huge and ready to vote for their desired president.
 I found rhetoric demonstrated in the event when the candidates for the presidency gave their speeches and said their future goals to develop and make the organization better. There were two candidates for the presidency, Sami and Mohammed. All of us knew Sami because he was the Omani students organization president for the first three years when he and some other Omani students created the organization on 2013. Mohammed started his speech first and he first thanked the previous president and his crew for what they have done last year. Then he started straight forward saying his goals. His main goal is making the Omani students become together and stay united by making more events and gathering. In addition, he said to the audience that we can’t do anything without you guys. However, Mohammed said that the organization needs money to create big events like the Omani night, so everyone needs to pay some amount of money for the organization if they can. He finished his speech by saying hand with hand we can all make this organization better. By giving his speech and saying encouraging things, Mohammed strongly got the audience’s attention.
            After all, it is Sami’s turn to give his speech for all audience to win the presidency election. Sami said that he has not much to say, and his main goal is to make the organization last forever to the new Omani students that going to study here at UNL after we graduate. Sami’s speech was so short; however, the audience knew what Sami did for the organization and how he started it from nothing. The audience seemed that they want Sami to give the other chance to handle the organization when someone said to Sami,” we all know what you did to this organization, but isn’t the time to give the chance to a new president?”

            The voting system was online on our organization Facebook page. The previous president Ibrahim said that the audience only going to have 30 seconds to choose between the two. When the voting started, everyone used his/her phone and voted. The results came up quickly saying that Mohammed won the presidency with 60% of all votes.

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