Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Remix Sampling

I am a big music person so a reading on Remix was rather refreshing to my eyes. When it comes to sampling in remixes, I am intrigued as to how it all works. After reading this specific section, I more fully understand the techniques to actually remixing music. The beats have to be in sync, the aesthetics and timing have to be perfect in order for anything to sound good or even look good on paper. I learned that remixing has nothing to do the types of songs or they way they would sound together, it involves the more finite details within any song. 

Being a lover of music, I typically enjoy listening to traditional music and not the remixed and bumped up versions of country songs. After reading this, I further appreciate what people who remix music. These people have to have a very talented ear and sense of music in order to produce something appealing to most people. Sampling techniques do a good job of allowing mashups to flow and draw attention from listeners. 

Isocrates seemed to be great with this, but with his use of rhetoric. His transitions were smooth and flawless, such as a well-mashed remix. He also realized that an audience recognizes specific works and this is much like music remixes. If the audience likes what they are hearing, they will grow accustom to it and want to hear it over and over again. This is a great comparison because it shows how you can relate rhetoric to something so minuscule and random such as music.

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