Monday, April 3, 2017

Growing in Papillion, Ne, my views on everything were similar to the kids that I went to school with whether I liked it or not. That was because we all lived in the same town, went to the same schools, and watched the same news. Since coming to college, I have met people with a wide range of beliefs and ethics that differed wildly from my own.
My filter bubble and my echo chamber on social media began to pop as I added more friends from different states with different views on subjects. This became evident in 2016 mostly because of all the turmoil that was happening that year. for example the Rio Olympics, The police shootings, and the presidential elections. I saw the view points of kids from all over the nation and it helped to broaden my own views on certain subjects.
It was very interesting to see the viewpoints of students from certain sections of the US like in California or Texas and how different they were. What was more surprising was how similar they were. This also helped to make my social media more interesting as I always had the opinion of the devil's advocate.

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