Sunday, April 30, 2017

Extra Credit: Earthstock

The day before Earth Day, April 21, I attended the Earthstock day on the campus green outside of the Student Union. My group for the Commons Campaign actually had a booth set up and we took part in this event that promotes going green at the University. After my shift was over, I walked through all of the booths to check out what the other participants and clubs had at their booths.

One of my good friends is a yoga instructor at the House of Lotus here in Lincoln and she helped with their booth. I liked this booth in particular because it promoted healthy lifestyles and I am all for healthy living. They also had discounted LuLu Lemon brand clothing and I thought that was pretty unique for a booth.

Many booths had organic samples of yogurt and ice cream and passed them out to the kids, parents and even students who were just walking to class. Another booth that I liked had a spinning wheel and each portion of the wheel had different prizes you could win if you answered a question that they asked you. A few of the gifts were notebooks, organic granola bars and even tshirts!

Our booth was pretty cool as well, we had a petition for people to sign to help promote less recyclable waste on campus. If they signed our petition, they received a few pieces of candy and a reusable bag that we bought with our own money from the UNL dining services. These bags are for sale in Husker Hoagies, Huskers On The Go, and Husker Heroes. We also applied for a grant that would pay for each student who lives in a dorm to receive one when they move in.

Overall, I think that this event is a great and effective way to promote reduction of unnecessary waste on campus. I thoroughly enjoyed having a booth and even walking around the green and looking at what other people came up with.

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