Saturday, April 29, 2017

Extra Credit: Cameroon Candlelight Vigil

There were many events opportunity that UNL campus was providing, but I decided to attend and event was held in the Union campus called Cameroon Candlelight Vigil. The African Student Association presented it and Claire Ngamelue is a student at UNL and she was the speaker of this event. The main reason of this event it to support our African students from Cameroon, because Cameroon is going insane. People are suffering, they are getting beaten, women are raped, and people can tell the world what is happing in there because the government cut off the Internet over there.
Logos, Ethos, and Pathos were used very well clearly during this event. The first thing that I noticed was Pathos, because Claire was very emotional during this event. Tears were flowing from here eyes, and the way that she spoke made some of the people get attached to her feeling as well. She really got connected with the audience very fast. Logos was used by presenting some shared videos of the people in Cameroon and show the audience the violence that is happening in Cameroon. She also shared some of her family letters that was sent to her. The speaker’s character was very clear, the audience respected Claire, and the audience was connected and believed her. Because of that, I see that Claire showed Ethos.

 In conclusion I see that the event was held in a very good way and I really could see the event in a rhetorical way where Ethos, Pathos, and Logos was presented in a very clear way. this event also showed me that anyone can use rhetoric to get the audience attention.

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