Sunday, April 30, 2017

Extra Credit Blog: Polarization is like says the world is flat

How can we rid away with ignorance

We as a race, the human race, has mapped the world out (most of it) and has found that it indeed requires the characteristics of a sphere to be used  to define it. Round, 3-dimensional and full of varying peaks and valleys, our world still has so much to be discovered. The crazy thing is that it doesn't even have a mind to make conscious decisions.  

We do though. Time and time again ideas get split into main points and two sides are developed as the only logical approaches. Polarization like this is endorsed with the development of Google and Facebook's ingenues ways to give us "what we want", alongside the sell of everyone's personal information for business gain. Those two sides are over told, misrepresented, and blasted to the masses because they give the media huge views and ability to advertise to us, the addict looking for a like, re-tweet or whatever our fix of notifications, so we don't feel withdraw from social acceptance. 

At this point, we care more about us and our novelty, then about creating a spherical world that is nothing more then the two ends of a circular issue.

 Left or right. If I swipe left, will I answer right, do I retweet bad news for a couple hundred more views. Should time spent learning my rights or spent hunting more likes. I'm stuck in this bubble day by day, seeing my reflection  in every which way. If this is a bubble, the world is a sphere, then how can I only pick options based on fear. Polarization has two sides about it, but nothing attractive. true democracy is broken and seems subtracted. The world that once was, held the same message, for all to decide, now we are stuck in these bubbles, forced to roll to two sides.

To sum up, if the people who run the country can buy our info, cater our experience and know our deficits, create platforms that can only be responded to by fear of the unknown, created a tech world that addicts people to their message, the only solace we have isn't democracy. It is hopefully in this dark tunnel of unethical information control, we can come together and shed light from the two end  and finally find our way out of this two sided, linear frame of mind laid down by people who we thought could be trsuted.

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