Sunday, April 30, 2017

Binge and Fast(The aftermath)

How many times do we really take a step back and just... breathe? Well I for one never really thought about doing that as often I should. Between school, work, hobbies, and friends it's always go go go, and just as Powers had said, the whole philosophy behind our society of how we are when we're asked is just plain "busy". Binging, don't get me wrong was fun, and quite helpful in getting news, shopping for random items I really needed/ really didn't need, getting homework done, or just keep from total and utter boredom. But what really smacked me across the face was just how empty I felt. The more connected I was, the more disconnected I felt from the rest of society and the surrounding areas that make up our society. So often I find myself absent mindedly pulling out my phone with no real reason in mind, just having it out.
      Just like a crutch, it existed, both my phone and other technology, just to never really need to dig deeper into what I really needed to look at. However, when I unplugged myself(within reason), I noticed a huge stress relief within myself. No one around me was safe from my new found want to communicate and speak with them, and the new connections I had made within that time truly stuck out to me. No longer did I feel like I needed to bury myself within tech to "stay sane", or hide any insecurity I have within social situations. But the overall greatest feeling was being able to just...breathe. Instead of having to find who was screwing who, who was fighting who, if we were about to bomb the crud out of some minor group, and if Cyrus was really going to really go through with his name change, I could just really find enjoyment in the smallest things around my life. Within that time, I wrote some music, planned out my summer plans, and help with a clubs production of an ancient Greek comedy.
         From this, a new take and lease on how my life should be carried out, with a sense of moderation with tech being utilized. When in public, knowing when would and wouldn't be a good time to check my phone was now easier to understand and carry out, knowing when to really focus on my homework and when to take time for myself, and actually carry out a band practice without fully relying on technology to carry us along truly carried myself in a new direction. The reliance on tech was(and is) gone for the near future, and the idea of being able to truly focus on developing new ideas, make new friends, and feel more connected has now truly become something I can officially say I get. They said the internet will truly connect us all, but had no idea how ironic their proposition would truly be. Now, without the need for me to continuously focus on using technology every waking second, I can officially say that I've found a new way, but in following in the idea of imitatzio, I've truly imitated those in prior generations who've just took a step back and found themselves. From this, hopefully the younger generation can learn from our mistakes and successes, and push our society even further using this idea of the fast and the binge.

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