Sunday, April 30, 2017

Extra Credit Blog Post

Before COMM 250, I had never heard of Culture Shock, but thanks to one of my group members it became part of our project. Culture Shock took place on April 10th. The event celebrated cultures through dances, performances, and delicious authentic food. At the event there was a henna booth, a “Lion Dance” performed by the Vietnamese booth, and a live DJ. Culture Shock was filled with excitement and had a great turnout. It was a cool experience and it was fun interacting with international students and getting to hear a little bit about them. I didn’t really know any international students before Culture Shock so it was exciting learning about different cultures, and trying food that is typical of their country. In total, there were 44 different cultures at the greenspace celebrating diversity.  After my time at Culture Shock, I’m definitely marking my calendar for next year, and I’ve already encouraged my friends to go with me. I also am interested in getting involved in whatever club was with the American Booth, which I’m sure was with CBA. Anyway, Culture Shock was an amazing event and I would encourage everyone to check out the event next year as it was very relaxed and eye-opening.

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