Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Polar Opposites

        In today's world there for sure has been a huge amount of polarization that has surfaced within the past years whether it has been on media, like the news, news papers, Facebook or all other sorts of outlets.  Social media in particular, I believe is one of the biggest problems that is setting up these two "sides" to clash and be so hateful towards each other. We cant even do a google search without them catering to what we like not allowing us to see other things.  Social media has set us up and allowed us to separate ourselves from real people.  Far too often we come across these keyboard warriors that have every opinion but when someone counters it, it becomes an issue for them, and they hide behind their computers at a coffee shop instead of stepping out to society and standing up for what they believe in when people are around.  I've even witnessed friends unfriending friends because they had an opposing political view.   If you go on to Facebook or twitter the chances of you seeing biased news or "fake news" is too common.  Then we find ourselves reading comments and comments for way too long judging people on their opinions that we disagree with clicking on their Facebook profile seeing what they look like then further judging them based on how they look.  This is a problem. Sure it's healthy for people to hear opposing opinions but some people cant handle that, they simply do not like hearing facts when they are against what you believe in.  Facts always outweigh feelings, but for most that isn't the case.

        When it comes to arguments, I myself, will be one of the first to admit I was wrong or at least agree with the opposing side because they provided a better factual reason that I may have been mislead on from what I thought I learned correctly.  One major problem with people is that they refuse to agree with the other side even if what they believe in is ridiculous, or the reasons they believe are wrong and they know they are wrong. Pride gets in the way of everything. No one likes to be wrong, but it takes a stronger person to be able to overcome their pride and admit it when they are.

       Division is good, having more than one side is helpful for the government but I believe its not good for relationships.  I've seen people lose friends, and I've lost friends because of our political beliefs and its ludicrous. If we never had opposing opinions we would be stuck in a communist country with only one party.  What I find even more sad and crazy is that people who are radical for their political party probably wouldn't mind living in a country where their beliefs are the only ones that are allowed, because everyday we see people pushing what they believe in onto everybody and strongly believing that everyone should cater to their opinion and their snowflake mentality. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but sometimes if someone decides to believe your side and it is incorrect, you both can be wrong only causing a chain event of misleading information, which is far too often common in our society today.

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