Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dissoi Logoi

Hello and Crikey,

Jonathan Rowe coming at ya.

Today we will be discussing Dissoi Logoi

Today we wont be discussing Dissoi Logoi


That's Dissoi Logoi.
Looking at the argument from the opposing side.

This is a great technique for strengthening an argument. By thinking about how the opposing side of an argument can be true, you will discover the better points of that argument. Thus when trying to fight that argument you can better improve your argument to counteract those points.

The downfall with Dissoi Logoi is that it is fighting the opposite side and tends to polarize a problem. The drawback to polarization is when only two sides are presented, other parts of the arguments are lost. It becomes about winning rather then seeing truth in each persons case and cooperating to find the best possible answer.

Polarization is good however when trying to find support on a subject. This is because you have to be either side and whoever has the better prepared argument wins the support.

All in all its been another great night in the pursuit rhetoric.

Have a great night and don't forget to #supermanthatethos

This is Jonathan signing out, peace.

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