Thursday, April 27, 2017

with/without phone for 2 days (2 day assignment)

Jackie Kolomjec
Comm 250
Blog Post

            For this assignment everyone was assigned to have one day on my phone as much as possible and for the next day to not be on my phone at all. Tuesday was the day to be on my phone as much as possible and I managed to have my phone die once and then recharge it while I took a nap. Honestly, I was sick of my phone and I got bored with constantly updated my feeds and such. Nothing really was going on my phone other than a couple text messages, a couple group chats, a couple GroupMe chats, and a lot of Snapchats. I usually have my phone on do not disturb, but for this assignment I did not put it on and it was so distracting in classes and during study hours, it kind of drove me crazy because I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done or learning anything. On the next day I kept my phone on do not disturb all day long. I managed to actually get a lot of done. I finished study guides for most of my classes. I checked my phone after all my classes and I had 62 GroupMe messages, 21 text messages, 16 Snapchats, 2 missed Facetime calls, and 2 Instagram messages. I felt kind of weird without listening to music on the way to class and without snapchatting people or texting people. It is weird to think how just from 10am-2pm I was struggling with just standing in line or walking to class without checking my phone. People do not really realize what they have until it is gone.

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