Monday, April 3, 2017


Filter Bubble

Being that I am apart of many different organizations I am often faced with a various amount of opinions. Although each place I am connected with comes with its own myths and stories. Often there are times I find myself in a bubble secluded from society. Being a part of a Big Ten football team is an honor. Glorification often comes from the fans, supporters, and various viewers on a regular. However still managing to separate and display my personal skills can be an advantage to recruiters looking to sign me. Using social media such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook I am forced to be professional at all times. The vast majority of my followers on each cite ranges with millions of followers. Topics, thoughts and theories are updated on my news feed every minute.
I find it easiest to watch the things that capture my attention, and maybe are interesting to speak on. Upon facing an alternative view, I read into thoroughly to figure out what occurred for a person to come to that conclusion. Most opinions are either situational, derived from experience, or suspension of intuition. Being a part of a Fraternity comes with very judgmental views. The Divine Nine, has multiple choices to promote the black organizations from centuries ago. Recently a new movie has come out that not only disrespected but shamed my organization. Movie critiques, people who watched or even heard about “Burning Sands” disgraced my frat. The comments that followed all assumed the worst of not only people already in the frat, but also limited the enthusiasm to maybe become a part of it one day.
However the media often times can alter people’s views. Visual representation can cause plenty of damage if it is not displayed correctly. I believe taking the time to unfollow, people who I have already been following requires a lot of time I do not have. Following new people because I was referred to them, or seen a post I could relate to, makes my list longer. However I do not seek to find alternative views. Once they come across my feed I find it interesting to look into. I attempt to prove someone wrong, or allow them to understand why I feel the way I do about certain situations and topics.
            I do not believe in the filter bubble. It takes up plenty of extra time, it does more separation from people than understanding of situations. By also being the type of person who is blind to the alternative views, I am being ignorant to the issues society is facing currently. Some may feel a sense of duty to help bring people together, as well as connecting people from different spectrums of life. Filtering is a way of eliminating things you may need or may not need but if you do not know, how would you know if it was useful information.

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