Monday, April 3, 2017

My Filtter Bubble

Before taking this class, I had no idea and never heard of what filter bubble is, but now I know. Filter bubble is when people search on the Internet and the website algorithm guesses what information would match the user’s search based on the information about the user, it can be also determined from the previous things that the user’s have searched. Although that the thing that appears in the Internet is based on the user’s search, it can be wrong rather than contradicting the viewpoints. A filter bubble is used everyday in our normal lives, so it is not a new thing.
            To be honest, I never really thought or noticed about the filter bubble in my social media, but after the reading that I had to do, I could relate what the concept of the article to my Facebook feeds. My filter bubble on Facebook is weird and full of funny vines, delicious food, and many pictures of family and friends. To thing about it, there are the videos that I search for and click them on Facebook. But there are some videos that appear that do not interest me.
            In conclusion, now I know that the Internet and media are connecting the information about the user and based on the user’s search. I agree and disagree at the same time. I agree that I like watching videos that I like but I don’t like that the  internet digs out our personal information that should be private.

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