Monday, April 3, 2017

My Filter Bubble

I find the reality of filter bubbles to be quite disturbing when you thinking about them more in depth. It feels like I'm being followed; like I'm being cyber-stalked.

I can be on my laptop looking at some shoes or sunglasses I want and minutes later I will be scrolling away on Instagram and I will find an ad for the very shoes or the exact sunglasses I was looking at. That is so terrifying.

Politically, I can be pretty guilty about having most of my social media timelines be filled with people, opinions, and articles that I typically I agree with. Despite seeing the majority of left-leaning posts on my feeds, I also follow pages and newspaper that are more neutral and right so I can be better at exposing myself to differing opinions and outlets. Also although I wish I didn't, I also look at the comments and replies to a lot of these articles both left and right leanings to see what other people think and a lot of them are filled with such awful words and trolls. I feel like seeing those terrible words, though hateful and at times offensive, can keep a person grounded and remind someone that not everyone thinks the same as you do which is something we may forget if we keep ourselves locked in our echo chambers in the online universe.

When I see a differing opinion or viewpoint I never unfollow or mute that person. It's only respectful to respect one's thoughts and feelings as they should also respect yours. I do draw a line on who I let into my cyber bubble. As soon as I see racist, sexist or any other comments of the like, that is when I disconnect from that person. Those are things that I refuse to force myself to deal with when I don't have to. I believe that individuals that still have those opinions in their heads are refusing to use their privilege and ability to educate themselves when they have access to the internet. They just feel it's easier to live in ignorance and that is something I will not willingly read or give attention to that is not deserved.

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