Monday, April 3, 2017

Filter bubble

Jackie Kolomjec
Blog #3
My filter bubble would be hard to explain and I’m sure my computer is quite confused if it is girl or guy owns it. I would say if I would start to type the beginning of a store name the first result would be that store. I do a lot of online shopping. Also, I watch sports games on my computer or look up the scores of games. If I am not doing homework on my computer I am online shopping or watching sports games from my teams from back home. I live in Grosse Pointe, MI, which is 10 minutes from downtown Detroit, MI. I have a younger brother and dad who are crazy about the Detroit sports teams, so my mom, my sister, and I grew always are going to tagging along for the games. I learned the plays of all sports by the time I was in middle school. I also learned the ins and outs of all deals with online shopping with the help of my mom where my sister and I learned the way to manipulate the websites and get free shipping, 20% off, etc. Anyway, my filter bubble would be quite confused based on my addiction to shopping or my obsession with all the Detroit sports teams back home. My filter bubble is either very masculine or very feminine.
I do often encounter other opinions on media feeds, quite often actually. Top places to see opinions would be Facebook, Tumblr, twitter, and sometimes instagram. I see political views most on Facebook. Facebook has lots of opportunities to repost interviews, share a picture of something political, post and start a live video saying and doing whatever they please; the sky is the limit. There are people in the world who have very strong opinions about one topic over another topic. The best way to face these opinions if you have other opinions is to ignore and keep scrolling past it. I choose not to engage in the foolishness behavior because people begin to get irrational and shoot back with other things nonrelated to the topic when/if they run out of things to argue back with.

I do not unfollow or follow people based on their personal beliefs, their ideological leanings. I do not think based on someone’s beliefs is an explanation to why follow or unfollow, or be friends with or not be friends with. Everyone has their opinions and not everyone is going to have the same opinion, so it would be useless to only people of only your beliefs, you would be left following nobody. Now if you were to ask to unfollow people who choose to post every minute about their beliefs and argue with everyone who does not argue with their opinion and not even hear their reason, then yes I do unfollow those people. Recently after the Trump election spiked up a lot of angry people, which sucked at times being a Trump supporter, more and more people would argue me, even if I did not say anything to them or post anything about it. I had posted someone in my sorority Facebook page about how everyone should be civil and respectful regardless of their opinions and minutes later I received lots of messages saying I was being biased, a sexist, and whatever else they could fire at me. So it really all depends on how you ask this question.

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