Monday, April 3, 2017

Filter Bubble: For Good and For Bad

Due to algorithms and browser cookies, having a filter bubble can be an unfortunate reality of the modern internet. It can also, of course, make your internet browsing more efficient and suitable to your interest.

Having a filter bubble can lend itself to you seeing a lot the same type of content, but some of my personal interest span a plethora of different viewpoints so it may not be as extreme in my case. Personally, my interest include the Chicago Cubs, Bernie Sanders style progressive politics, the military (currently serving), and atheism/secularism. Although I lean left on the political spectrum on a majority of issues, I get a quite a bit of conservative content on my feeds. This isn't something I'd really complain about, because it is always making consider opposing viewpoints, and contemplate why I think they're wrong. Also, to be fair, I get some good laughs on occasion from some of that content as well.

If I were to pick out one topic that I don't see a lot of, it would be christianity. Although I get a lot of conservative content, it is usually military/political policy related. I don't follow any pages, or really "like" any content that is religious in nature. I do, however, see quite a but of content promoting secular viewpoints stemming from my own beliefs, which is completely fine with me.

Some of the most obnoxious/entertaining content on my feed comes from a page called "God Emperor Trump" complete with an avatar for Trump with laser vision. One of my friends in the military is a huge Trump supporter (not sure how at this point) and shares content from that page regularly. I'm not even sure if the admins and content creators are serious, or just trolling, but I get some good laughs nonetheless.

Having an intense filter bubble could really restrict the content you see, and I feel like you would not be able to enjoy the internet in all it's glory with one. Lucky for me, I don't have that much of a filter bubble, but at the same time, I don't see a ton of content I flat out just don't like.

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