Monday, April 3, 2017

Personal Bubble Filter

A filter bubble is the information that a user will view based on algorithms that determine what the user is most likely to appreciate seeing. A side effect of this is of course not always seeing the other side of the argument which is very important. Without dissoi logoi it is much harder to be empathetic to a situation and truly interpret what must be the best case or decision. With a reflection of my own filter bubble I found that it is not swayed one sided, more specifically my Facebook timeline. On this form of social media both sides of an argument if it pertains to politics are viewed by me because a large number of my friends are from both sides of the political spectrum. However, I see more of a conservative side of things when my family is factored in because they are for the most part conservative.  I will see one article or meme from the left side of the spectrum making a certain situation seem very dire, but then as I keep scrolling it progressively levels out by conservative media and then neutral media that my mother is very apt to share. I feel like it would not benefit me to unfollow those that I do not necessarily see eye to eye with because then often the whole story is missed. Plus they are still my friends and I am still curious about how their lives are progressing. If it was someone that I barely knew and they were constantly posting things that are attacking my ideals for no good reason rather than just doing it I may because that is not is very progressive, but rather backwards. Argument as enemies or in a one versus the other mentality is no good because it is very unlikely that the two care about what the other has to say, for they would rather win the argument. An argument should consist of a civil conversation and an open mind to change for the better, this is why I keep other perspectives on my Facebook feed so I can educate myself in a more efficient way.  My filter bubble with politics pretty much ends on Facebook because the other forms of social media that I am currently on don’t revolve around this subject, rather my Twitter feed is filled with all comedy and my Instagram and Snapchat are both filled with connections about what friends are up to.

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