Monday, April 3, 2017

My Own Filter Bubble and the Decline of Dissoi Logoi

Being a marketing major, I have learnt and seen firsthand all about the filter bubble. It is creepy and genius all at the same time. My filter bubble was at its peak at the beginning of this semester. I was in a deep search for the perfectly functional yet stylish planner for 2017. A few on the Anthropology website caught my eye, but I was holding off as they were almost three times as much as planners I had sifted through at Target. However, I was constantly reminded of the eye-catching Anthropology planners almost every time I went on the Internet. Through each social media, retail and informational site I forged through, there was an ad on the side of the screen for my favorite Anthropology planner. After cyber-stalking me for about two months, my ad eventually changed to a dress I had seen on Tobi. I was being cyber-stalked all over again.
As far as politics go, I prefer to avoid them on social media all together. I have unfollowed people on sites but only for the reason of them being obnoxious in their political posting habits. I try to respect everyone’s ideological leanings despite if they align with my own or not. We live in a very diverse world and I believe it is a blessing. Everyone is entitled to hold their own beliefs, of to which they have formed to the best of their abilities, so we must understand and treat them with respect.
I definitely agree that the decline of dissoi logoi associated with internetworked media is responsible for an increase in polarization. Society is becoming increasingly more defiant in avoiding listening to opinions of an opposing side. Liberals and conservatives seem to be at such opposite spectrums. I believe this is problematic as sometimes it seems people are disagreeing just to disagree. If a conservative thinks one way a liberal must think another. Listening to each other could show that many more Americans actually agree on more key issues than it may seem.

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