Sunday, April 2, 2017

My Filter Bubble

In my personal experience and opinion, having a filter bubble can be both a negative and a positive thing. I only have three social media accounts in total, and those would be on snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. I am very active on all three, and while I don't post much on Twitter or Facebook, I am constantly looking at them.
 I will start with the negative aspects of having a filter bubble first. I am not somebody who goes out and seeks political information or world news. I don't watch the news, and I don't have a particular news website to keep me updated. I am mainly a republican but do have a few democratic views as well. If there is a MAJOR world event, I probably know about it but if it is not extremely groundbreaking news, than the chances are that I am not aware that it is happening. I do realize that this is bad. I should be more updated on events that are effecting not only me but the entire world. My filter bubble keeps my knowledge very limited. In some aspects, I choose to be in this bubble. Until recently, I didn't follow any news outlets on Twitter or Facebook, and usually if I do see a political post that my friend has shared, there is a good chance that I will not click on it. In other aspects my filter bubble is being given to me. Unless I have been on social media all day, I have to scroll for a very long time to actually see a post about currents events on any of my feeds. I know for a fact that my friends do post things about politics, but since I never click on them, the things in my 'while you were away' section are about dogs and makeup instead. Lately I have been making a little more of a conscious effort to broaden my bubble by following some news outlets on twitter and hoping to become more aware of things that are going on in the world.
Some of the positive things about being in a filter bubble is that I only see content that I like. I am trying to move to Hawaii and my Facebook feed 'somehow' knows that and is showing tons of ads and videos about Hawaii. While I do think this is a little creepy, it does keep from videos of South Dakota or another random state from popping up. Also, as a vegan, it is really nice and a lot less work for me since my computer has learned of my eating habits. In the past I have had to type in "vegan mac and cheese" into google to find a recipe that I can eat and I would still have to scroll through a bunch of recipes to see which one was actually vegan or not. Now I don't even need to type in the word 'vegan'. My computer already knows thats that I'm looking for that type of food and puts those recipes at the top of my search bar. While this isn't really that big of a deal, it is nice to have my life made a little easier.

I do sometimes see some opinions that differ from my own on my newsfeeds, but I think that is mainly because I don't search the internet for too many "opinionated topics". I find a lot of those types of questions and concerns, such as abortion or politics, to be very stressful and time consuming so I don't generally spend much time browsing the internet about such topics. Because of that, the internet hasn't learned too much about my opinions on those things and doesn't know what to post for me.

I will 100% unfollow people if they are posting too many things that I don't like or agree with. For example I have had to unfollow friends on twitter from both democratic and republican parties for constantly posting mean and hurtful things about the other party. I don't enjoy looking at those types of posts. It doesn't just go for politics though. If somebody was constantly posting about a tarantula than I would also unfollow them, since spiders terrify me.

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