Monday, April 3, 2017

My Filter Bubble: Gabe Charlton

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The Filter Bubble concept is something that was somewhat of an eye-opening experience for me. With the filter bubble, the internet becomes a blinding space. It continues to to bend and change to your wants, needs, and viewpoints. Although as a person you choose what you search, the internet almost controls the parts of the information available.
I am an advocate for social media, I often indulge myself with deep searches for new stories that i can be the "first" person to know about the topic. My main topics i look for on my feeds involve sports and fashion.  When i discover something new that i like or find interesting i will follow account, but at the same time, when an account posts something that i question i find myself searching through their page in a reevaluation type of way to ensure that it is in my best interest to follow or unfollow them. For the most part, of the people i follow, the filter bubble remains the same. The ways in which the filter bubble can control and manipulate our viewpoints is quite astonishing when you really put it into perspective, and make me wonder what my views really are.... Image result for thinking

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