Monday, April 3, 2017

filter bubble

It is my first time hearing the term filter bubble and to be honest I didn’t know what does it means before we take the reading last class. So from what I did understand, filter bubble means when anyone search for anything in the Internet, the website or the search database will show results based on the person who searched for it. It is different from person to another. In addition, if my friend and I searched for any topic, we won’t get the same results. I think filter bubble is related to browser cookies, so the browser know what have you looked about and then it will gives you the results the suits you perfectly.
Because I’m carious, I typed the term freedom on my Google browser, and I did the same on my friend’s too, for some reason we got the exact same results, which made me confused. So I decided to try again with my other friend and finally the results were not the same. However, I haven’t noticed this thing never until today, I really thought that we all are getting the exact same results. In my personal opinion, having filter bubble might be bad because it will limit the ideas that you are getting on the Internet, so it will not cover all the viewpoints in a certain topic.

To sum up this topic, the Internet connects the user information with his/her search results. So if you watched a video about football, you will get a lot of football videos recommended for you. Furthermore, the Internet will give you results based on your history searches and based on your information. The results will be different from person and another. At the end, filter bubble also can be good thing to have because the Internet will give you the right thing that you are thinking about.

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