Monday, April 3, 2017

Engaging More in Class

Engaging More in Class
Dissoi logoi, is the most important tool in rhetoric, it represents every culture, distorted point of view, or academic visual. Personally, I could engage in dissoi logoi by participatingcing more in class. However, I realize the stance might be controversial, but I remain quite in class. Dissoi Logoi is important for every classroom because the unknown author, or unknown spokesperson reveals details of intelligence without actual words of diction  to engage in dissoi logoi one could participate more often in class and offers their opinion more. Participation in class in key due to the social influence as well as the in class social environment. Participation in class could provide a positive correlation in higher grades and class participation levels. Not only would it provide a representation  in class involvement but it would give an overall understanding of the topic itself. 

Engaging more in class is crucial to class discussion due to several reasons. Not only does it improve the social environment of the classroom, it improves the thought process of the individual as well as the whole classroom. To voice ones opinion in class is to offer into discussion a topic for long examination. These students are eager to represent their ideas as they think differently, rightfully so, however, they are infact,  the outspoken majority that speaks up about intelligence is preserved in silence. However, the preserved majority might have the best opinion to voice hit is not voiced. In class they do not participate in Dissoi logoi because they do not want to contradict the speaker and rob them of their example. However,  regarding Dissoi logoi to the classroom environment it is crucial to class contribution and the common wealth of the grading system. 

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