Monday, April 3, 2017


Dissoi Logoi/ Internet-worked Media/ Polarization

               Personally I believe anything dealing with polarization is unfair as well as a division that will continue to keep segregation an option in today’s society. Segregation allows for judgement upon anyone who is not in or near your current stage of life. Internet-worked media in my eyes limits polarization, not increase. Internet-working connects various networks using devices to ensure communication. In my eyes this brings multiple business together to not only compare data, but evaluate it and plan for the better uses for the future.
              Polarization divides two completely contrasting groups, or opinions into two different categories. By allowing this, the outcome will end up being one sided. However there is always more than one side to the story based on people evolved in each situation. Polarization has an advantage when deciding who is right and who is wrong, guilty or innocent. Seeking a conclusion based on facts and evidence deserves each story told. For example, hearing that a young lady was raped, and the man is being sentenced is considered justice, however without hearing the young man side to the story, he could be convicted on false accounts without telling his story and his life would be ruined.
              Dissoi Logoi thrives to get to the bottom of the argument, seeking to find deeper reasoning to any situation. Listening to stories is one thing, attempting to evaluate what roles people played in a scene can display motives. By understanding the motives, reasoning and roles, the mediator can come to a clear understanding as why altercations may have occurred. Dissoi Logoi also has a way of giving a fair chance to all participates within a situation. Internet-worked media connects various views and keeps the information close and easy to recall within companies, and may even help better business by allowing altering views. To an onlooker this makes the comfort level expand, then comes trust which is also great for business.

              The problems that could occur within each topic vary between all three. Polarization adds a clear separation between two groups, or two opposing views. Either way you look at it that is demeaning to the less fortune side. Internet-worked media is a technology tester. Unfortunately the computers can shut down at any time, not start at all, and there is a risk of losing important information. Another downfall would be if other businesses are not into this type of communication they could easily filter their self out from useful information. Dissoi Logoi may take time to fully understand each side of the story when trying to ask each witness. All of which these problems can be avoided by using each to their full potential.  

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