Monday, April 3, 2017

Bernie and "Communism"
Our election saw one of the greatest turnouts in previous history, where more than one difference compared to the 2012 election was brought about. With the swinging of the major states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio (2016), states that were traditionally democratic now coming around full swing to Republican history was indeed made. But more importantly than just voter turnout and "simple statistics", was the ideologies that were brought out...enter Bernie Sanders. At the time of the election, Bernie Sanders was a Democratic Senator from the Northeastern state of Vermont, and being a Democrat had some fairly controversial topics that were brought up, and some that alerted and furthermore alarmed the far right. From bringing up the issue of income inequality, to discussing free college tuition, and going as far as stating that relations with Iran must be brought forth and increased (2016 to present). These three ideals, with the most latter alarming most of the major outspoken right wingers such as Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity, their response was almost as expected. In an interview that Limbaugh conducted with a Sander's supporter (2016), the topic of Sander's idea of banning any government aid to said companies that ship their jobs overseas. Now I for one agree with this statement to a certain extent, but in the ideals keeping some of our larger corporations such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Guitar Center, and most automobile companies doing better, and allowing for much more affordable products to get the consumer is something that can not be overlooked and furthermore not forgotten. People who work within blue collar fields can't afford a car that has it's price jacked up to an x-amount just because some company feels they need to make a certain amount of money off of every car or product they sell. Although I don't fully go along with and support the idea myself, being of sound mind and able spirit, I understand their idea. However, with Sanders promoting this ideal caused some alarm, as shown within the interview that Limbaugh had with the aforementioned caller. But most of all, with the ideals that Bernie had pushed, they can technically be considered a form of Socialism, and, to the average joe Republican off the street with any form of late high school to general education college history course, could make the argument that this was very "soft-core" Communism.
   Now that we have some backstory, now lets jump into the whole ideal of the filter bubble. Within the last election, and to state it as black or white as I physically can, you were either Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, Right or Left, or, in the most extreme case and how both sides viewed the other side; pro or anti-America. In one favored attack by the Republicans towards the Democrats during the time of the Obama administration was the race card that was pulled out as an attack (2014). Their main stance and jest was the only reason the man ever won the office was the men and women of the democratic party wanting to make history with electing the first African American President. This example, at the time of the election of 2008 and subsequently 2012, could very well be thrown into a persons feed if they had been seen to follow any form of Democratic news or blogs, or had vocally state "hey world, I'm a democrat". This main ideal of the filter bubble, would also go as far as creating fake news feeds attacking the opposition. CNN would go onto deliberate this idea, stating that you must work to debunk what's real and fake, and furthermore if anything said on the sources are true(2016). One famous example would definitely be the FBI stating an investigation would be starting into the whole Clinton Benghazi scandal. Yes, there were some true aspects to the case, but the means never really added up to the ends, and furthermore anything and everything that had shown to lead somewhere ended up leading you to another dead end (2016). In looking at both sides too, if you look closer to what these people who declare themselves Democrat or Republican support, with a Democrat favoring pro-choice media, and a Republican favoring pro-second amendment media, certain sites and certain companies will then work towards giving them more and more media to fill this hunger. The examples given in class, (citing in-class discussion), where our fellow peers discuss the force-feeding of products and ideals that follow their ideals or agenda pops up on their feed, and their friend's feed who is technically a polar opposite would literally just have about nothing that even follows along with what their friend has. This idea then, of the filter bubble then leads to one really discussing what is true, what is fake, and what seriously needs debunking.

    Now finally, in an effort to tie up our two ideals, we'll finally look towards the aforementioned man himself, Bernie Sanders. Not only did we see a conversation with Limbaugh and a pro-Bernie caller (2016), but furthermore got a closer look at how the two sides differ on how the bigger issues definitely have two totally polar views on the same topic, or this idea of dissoi/logoi. On the one hand Sander's believed free tuition, better Iranian relations, and a less polarized wage gap was something he felt needed to be addressed and changed (2016). On the other hand, or the "logo", Limbaugh and others felt nothing needed to be changed, and furthermore the banning of government contracts to companies who move overseas was seen to be a major detriment to the government, and furthermore the ideal of capitalism itself (2016). However, in finally delving into the second half of the title, Communism. Yes, Bernie wanted all these great things, such as government aided, well...everything. But where does all this create funding for these projects. The Fiscal Times, in discussing the plans of Sander's(2015), quotes him by saying "a massive redistribution of wealth has unfortunately gone the wrong way, from the middle class and working families, to Donald Trump and his friends, the top one tenth percent." However, this is just one half of the whole alarm cake that could be seen to show that he could very well be fairly pro-Socialism, if not Communist(2015). "And yes, let me be very clear,” he said. “If we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free, as I believe we have to do in the 21st Century, then yeah, we are going to have a tax on Wall Street speculation and yes we’re going to ask Trump and his billionaire friends to pay more in taxes.” This, although going along with what Trump is doing now with his wall, at the time, and still is very alarming, especially with the former part of the quote, as the latter just adds to the alarm. I for one do not have any qualms with the elite, and as with many of us we can say we are "in college for the greater good", and that we "want to work towards the betterment of the world", all we want, or at least we pass out from saying it so much. The point is, is that at the end of the day I want to make a decent wage, if not a fairly high wage, and I feel that anyone who want's to redistribute my wealth to anyone who either doesn't have the same education and background, or just doesn't even work, shouldn't be living off my wage through the heavy taxes that Bernie or any politician proposes. Furthermore, for any of you questioning, yes I'm fairly Conservative, but ultimately Libertarian, in so far that I am wanting to elect the president that follows what I see the country must become in order for myself and others to be the most successful in life, and not lead to the practices that show everyone that they don't need to work to a decent living wage, and that the government will take care of them (as mentioned in the short quote from Sanders)(2016). Finally, in Sanders argument, and ultimately what scares me the most is his not just his ideas, but ultimately the ignorance of the logoi in reference to his dissoi within the issue. Yes he discusses it (2016), but he pushes on, leaving no middle ground, and stating that he will work to hike taxes on the rich(2016). This, as a result, shows his Socialistic tendencies, and ultimately that, even though modern America feels their upper elite has their best interests at heart, they at the same time can still as dangerous as the man standing next to them.


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