Monday, February 29, 2016

What does Social Media take away from us?

Jon Kroft

Comm 250

February Blog post

Truly Social Media is ultimately hurting us immensely as a society. You go out to dinner and you see a couple sitting across from one another not saying a word the entire time. You ask what are they doing on there phones that can be this urgent? Nothing, they're scrolling through their Twitter timelines or liking others pictures on Instagram. The one thing I have learned through this course is that an argument is the most underrated thing in the world. It gives you others opinions while still allowing you to voice you. I'm in a fraternity here at school and often times we have large heated debates, as we need to figure out what we are going to do. I used to think of these arguments as just a large waste of time, never thinking we got anything truly valuable out of it. After taking this course, I realized that we get productivity out of, weighing the pros and cons of each portion of the decision. When we viewed that video in class where the man paid to argue for 5 minutes at a time and really enjoyed it. Everyone feels better after getting to tell others their opinion and feel as if they have a larger say in things. Once again it is the same way in my fraternity, everyone has an equal opportunity to speak on topics and feel as if they are being heard. Overall arguments are very important to us and things like Social Media are taking away from this.

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