Monday, February 29, 2016

technology can help people to close/away their groups

Jiaxia Deng 

Technology can help people to close/away their groups
There many things that we should care about in this developed society. People using their mobile phone every time, and they even keep away from their friends. Last time, I remember I watch a YouTube video, it presented about a man that he always using his phone when he takes subway, eats with friends or family, and he love chatting with people on the phone. He was keep away from the group people in reality. His girlfriend wanted to leave him. At the beginning, he did not realize what happened with his girlfriend and his friends. Until on day, he realized that he do not have one friend, and he was afraid of taking in front of people, it was too late to know about everything. In the part two of this video, it was talking about the man how to change his life. He planed his schedule. Joining some organizations is a good way to enrich his life. He became a volunteer to help children. He joined some sports team to keep healthy body. He found that there are many things interesting. The biggest problem is that he afraid of talking with people, he was lack of communication skills. He began to talk with people in public areas, for example, team party.
Communication is very important between people.
Mobile phone is a good technology, but we need to use it in right way. It can help people to close each other, but it also can help people becoming unfamiliar, and even people will stay away from their groups.
Media communication helps people to know more about technology to pass information between people’s life. For example, advertisements are everywhere that is a way to show information to people.
Thus, people need to use right ways to solve their communication problems, and they should use correct ways to use technologies.

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