Monday, February 29, 2016

Slothful Induction Fallacy

Slothful Induction 


Slothful Induction fallacy is an inductive argument is denied of its actual conclusion. Even though there many be sufficient evidence proving it. In other words its thinking that everyone else is doing something wrong and causing issues when in reality that person is the one causing issues. One example of a slothful induction fallacy would be an employee having ten accidents in the last 2 months and putting the blame on someone/something else. This example is obviously flawed because if the same person is having multiple accidents he is the common cause of all of them, not someone or something else. Another example would be someone having multiple roommates over the course of their life and not getting along with any of them, and having to move out before the end of a lease. This example is flawed as well because if a person has had multiple roommates over the course of a few years and each one has been different, that person isn’t just unlucky, they are the common variable in every rooming situations. Proving that it isn’t necessarily every roommate they've had but it could possible and most likely is them.  Another example of slothful induction would be a teenage driver who has been in several car crashes since receiving their drivers license and believes that its not their fault but the other drivers. This argument is a slothful induction because several car accidents since receiving a license is a common variable and in some way must involve the teenage driver, even though he claims that they are not his fault. My final example of slothful induction is a person who has/can have multiple husbands or wives but has no children, and blames their multiple partners for not having children. This example is flawed because if this person has had multiple wives/husbands and cant have children still it can conclude that the absence of children in the relationships is directly related to that person.

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