Monday, February 15, 2016

Reading Guide for Week 6

 *What are the five canons of persuasion ("rhetorical canons")? Explain how each one shapes the development of a persuasive argument.

*What are the five virtues of style that Heinrichs identifies?


*What are the four elements of the communication process?

*What does it mean to say that rhetoric is contingent and strategic?

*What is kairos?

*What is the difference between an audience and a public?

*What are some ways a speaker might adapt a speech to an audience?

*What does the term "rhetorical situation" refer to?

*What are the three genres of address identified by Aristotle?

*What are the three dimensions of a rhetorical situation as identified by Lloyd Bitzer?

Blog Prompt

*Explain one of the presidential candidate's rhetorical successes or failures using concepts from this week. Has one of them been accused of being uninventive? Has one of them had a problem with delivery? Or misreading a situation? Saying something inappropriate? Misunderstanding the exigence?

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