Monday, February 29, 2016

Sanders' Five Canons

Bernie Sanders, a people's man they say. He has single handedly taken the political field by storm with his over whelming support from the working class. Bernie has used the five rhetoric canons to help make him rise to success. I will use this blog to show just how effective the five rhetoric canons can be through the example of Bernie's political run so far.

            Invention: Bernie Sanders noticed the many issues that our government has with the future of our generation. One of the main issues is in regard to the cost of college education in America. Bernie has spent much of his time focused on this issue, because several people in America are severely in debt due to student loans. I believe this was a good tactic for Bernie to have, because many people disagree with how much students pay for their education. Another issue that Bernie has focused on, is increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. I agree with Bernie on this issue, because of the fact that no one working 40 hours a week should ever be in poverty. These are just two examples of what Bernie has decided he wants to focus his campaign on. So simply put, Bernie has seen the issues with Americas future for their youth and has given a plan to fix them. Now it's time for him to arrange his campaign.

Arrangement: As a political candidate, Bernie needs the support of the American people. The most efficient way to gain this support is to arrange an emotional campaign. What speaks to the American public is showing examples of what is going on. So in turn, Bernie will have college students standing around him while giving a speech with the total of their debt written on a piece of paper on their chest. This simple arrangement shows what college students feel like. We feel like a number. Every single day the constant looming college debt is hanging over us. To us we feel like a failure, because we weren't fortunate enough to afford college. Bernie's arrangement of how he will deliver to the American people has a great impact to the people who follow him and believe in what he says.

            Style: This part of the five cannons is simple. Much like what I stated previously, Bernie is riding on the emotional impact he is leaving on American citizens. His style is so perfect it quickly explains why his rise of popularity among the people has been so quick recently. Bernie has been able to establish an emotional connection with American people, and they are respecting him because of it. Since arrangement and style complement each other so well, I will just move on to the memory part of the five canons.

            Memory: Bernie's campaign, regardless of results, will leave a huge impact on the history of our government. Bernie is the person who is completely different to the political figures that we have had recently. Bernie has shown he is for the people and no other candidate in this race for election has proven themselves to do so. Many people would agree that Bernie is the first candidate since Roosevelt that has cared for what is best for the people. Bernie is creating a political run that will outlast his time, because of the movement it is making. Today's youth will stand tall and proud in years to come knowing that there is at least one political figure who cares about them.

            Deliver: The campaign of Bernie Sanders has been highly effective so far. The inclusion of the working class into his campaign was the best thing he could have done. Like I said, regardless of outcome, Bernie has created a social movement to make our government be for us not against us. Another reason to why Bernie's campaign has had so much of a success is because of who he is running against. Hilary Clinton has gotten the reputation of being the paid off candidate. She is funded by big banks and huge insurance companies. Which helps makes Bernies appearance seem wholesome compared to Hilarys track record. So even if Bernie does not make it to the White House, at least this political season will be full of excitement and wonder as to who will be the next President.

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