Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reading Guide for Week 7

Tuesday: Seeing and Seizing the Kairotic Moment
Jay Heinrichs, “Soften Them Up,” “Seize the Occasion,” 38-46, 226-36.
*What is kairos?
*How do you create kairotic moments?

Keith & Lundberg, “Proofs: Ways of Being Persuasive,” 35-39.
*What is a proof? What are the three Aristotelian proofs?
*What is the difference between a syllogism and an enthymeme?
*What is "ethos"? How does one create ethos?
*Pathos often refers to "emotion"; what is a better translation/understanding of the term?

Thursday: Dude, Do You Even Logos?
Jay Heinrichs, “Control the Argument,” and “Spot Fallacies,” 121-154.
*What is the difference between inductive and deductive logic?
*How do facts, comparisons, and stories function as examples?
*Be able to describe one of the "7 deadly sins of arguing" Heinrichs identifies.

Keith & Lundberg, “Topoi: Tools for Discovering Arguments,” “Stock Issues,” and “Fallacies,” 40-9.

*What are topoi? Why are they useful for a rhetorician?
*What is the difference between general topoi and specific topoi? What are examples of each?
*What are stock issues? How do they differ in a legal and policy context?
*What are some examples of fallacies? Why are fallacies termed "mistakes" or "errors"?

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