Monday, February 29, 2016

"Damn Daniel" is the One solution to ALL problems!

     Since you clicked in, I can boldly assume that you are interested in the Damn Daniel I mentioned in the title, and are wondering "how is this a solution to all problems". I would tell you right now, but I would not be so sure you'd understand right away. Therefore, let me give you an short introduction first:

     Most of you probably already know that "Rhetoric" and "Media" is tightly connected. Since the creation of internet, a place where, nowadays, more than half rhetorical situation emerges, has bounded Rhetoric (an art of persuasion here) and Media (where over 41% of business marketing occurred, Do it! Marketing). Many of your will probably go into the working field when you gets out of college, and then you will probably spend hours, even days sitting in front of a computer typing on a keyboard. Right now you may ask this question "why is so important about the understanding of Rhetoric, and Media?" whilst listening to the professor in class. But then, once you graduate and goes into the work filed, you will understand that most of the jobs now requires the understanding of Rhetoric (persuade a prospect) and Media (the net where all the marketing and advertising happened). Why is that? you may ask. To answer this question, I'll have to ask you three questions.
     1. Why do people do business? (who you'll work for in the future, your boss. Most of you at least)
     2. Where do you see more and more Advertisement nowadays besides seeing them on TV? 
Hint: Answer to #1 is "to make a profit", and answer to #2 is "the internet".
    Am I correct?

    3. What do you think employees do sitting in front of their computer hours after hours?
Hint: Answer to #3 is "they are trying to use the Media (website, social media, etc) to persuade people (Rhetoric) to buy their products where as the Boss can make the profit!!! (question 1)

Now that you know the importance of Rhetoric and Media. It's time where I can show you why is "Damn Daniel a solution to all problems."


"DAMN DANIEL" just a guy who got millions of views and went on The Ellen show in less than a week, what's the big deal???  HA, Since it only brought Vans the shoe company hundreds of millions of profits, only because the two words "Damn Daniel". No big deal.

Right, you'd only think it's not a big deal if money doesn't interest you. But for people like me, who will do anything for hundreds of millions of dollars. The two words "Damn Daniel" is a big big big deal.

Okay, now that I have told the importance of Damn Daniel (if you didn't catch it, Damn Daniel brought Vans the shoe company HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFIT!!!). You may ask, how is that a solution to all problems???

Let me use my own unique language to describe the knowledge I accidentally attained which has been proven by many many billionaires and professors from Harvard University --- "the Solution to All Problems".

I call it UC, stands for Ultimate Creativity. 
You ready for this??

It's only 3 simple steps..

1. Figure out what do you want!! (In the Damn Daniel case, what the Vans wanted was hundreds of millions of dollars)
2. Ask yourself "HOW". (How can I get hundreds of millions of dollars? If asked by Vans)
!!!!! 3. Use Ultimate Creativity!!!!! Let me explain: If you were to sitting in front of a desk in the future, told by your boss to use the Media as a platform and use Rhetoric ability you gained from school to bring profits to him. You'd probably use the same old same old marketing and advertising method "click and buy our white Vans". I'm telling you here, it won't work!!! Well, it might, might just as well put the company in the deep ocean and never be found again. What you need here right now, is to use your imagination (Ultimate Creativity) and come up with a "Damn Daniel" situation. Who knows if "Damn Daniel" is not plotted by Vans? Well I'd have to say Vans marketers are genius if they actually plotted the whole Damn Daniel video. What Damn Daniel is (if was actually plotted by Vans) is what I call Ultimate Creativity.

Ultimate Creativity: Use your Imagination (Step 3) to come up with "never existed" "unlimited" solution (there are thousands, tens of thousands, millions, even billions solution to one problem, only if you are creative enough to create something never has existed before) . It could be to ask people to slap a fish, if you were to sell fish. Just to show people how sturdy the fish meat is. Or it could be to "Blend an iPhone 4566plus", which is used by Blendtec selling Blenders, just to show people it can blend literally everything. It could be how Hancock draw something on the Moon just to tell his girl he loved her (movie Hancock).

What happened after Blendtec blended an iPhone 6? People called them idoits, and then bought their blenders, millions of them.

There you go. In the future, when you boss ask you to use Rhetoric to persuade people to buy his stuff on Media Platform. Look him in the shoes and say "Damn Boss back at it again with those black dress shoes."

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