Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Internet and Attention

The Internet could be called one of the greatest technological advancements in history. Of course there are other things that have been invented that play a vital role in our progress as humans such as electricity and running water, but we would not be where we are today if we did not have the Internet. With the increase in accessibility to so much information there are people that think the Internet might not be so great. I can see both sides of this argument.
On one side of the argument, there is the view that the Internet is wonderful for connections and learning new things. Along with the internet comes social media. Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family as well as meet new friends and make new connections. There are sites like Facebook where old friends can reconnect and there are also sites like eHarmony where people can make new connections and start new relationships. The Internet is a place that has so much information. Wikipedia has over 5 million different articles and that is just a small portion of the amount of information that is available to anyone who wants to access it.
On the other side of the argument, the Internet is ruining face-to-face relationships and can be dangerous. Whenever I am around people who are a generation or two older than me, all I hear about is how people my age don’t know how to get off their phones and have a conversation, something I also agree with. People my age are so used to having so much going on that it is hard for them to stay off their phone. It is a lot like the article The Juggler’s Brain where they talk about how there is so much that we are used to seeing that we don’t actually get to know most of the stuff we are looking at. Another reason some people don’t like the Internet is the dangers it brings. People have no accountability on the Internet because they can be completely anonymous and that gives people a lot of freedom. That is why older men can pretend to be younger than they actually are and trick young girls into dangerous situations. People also can get their identities stolen or give money to places that aren’t actually what they say they are. Another danger that parents might worry about is the information that their kids can have access to. Kids can find so much that they probably shouldn't find out until they are older.

There are many different arguments for why the Internet is good and for why it is bad. My personal opinion is that the Internet is one of the greatest resources that we have if people know how to use it properly.  

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  1. Everywhere you look in a lecture hall people have their laptops open whether they are online shopping, liking a post on Facebook, or actually paying attention to the lecture with the PowerPoint open in front of them. As stated before the pros of the internet that majority of today’s generation can agree with are that the internet provides connectivity and an extension of knowledge. These benefits of the internet are best explained by looking at a college campus.
    Things around campus seem to be very different compared to past generations of college students. Now days it is essential to have a laptop or internet capable device when attending a college or university. When today’s students parents went to school laptops or even the internet was not even a thing. Online classes are a viable option for most college students and past generations were also unable to have the pleasure of “going to class” without even leaving your bed. Online colleges are even an option for college students now. Many of today’s classes added online tests or quizzes to the curriculum. Being able to take a test in the comfort of your own home was a pleasure that I am sure none of parents got to have. Another thing that amazes today’s generation of college students is that our parents got through college without Google. Even googling a simple question on the homework assignment was non-existent to past generations. Colleges and Universities have even made the search on the internet easier with having online library loans for texts and scientific journals. We don’t have to walk to the library like our parents did all we have to do is wait for the confirmation email from the library to appear in our inbox. Without the internet things would be a lot different for today’s college students. How would we check our grades? How would we register for classes next semester? Some of these answers are impossible for present day college students. The internet has provided campus with opportunity of extensive knowledge for all the students on campus.
    The internet connects a campus as well. Social Media of course is the main component to a campus. Everyone on campus can see their friends posts about the crazy night they had out either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Tinder seems to be the newest app on campuses which allows people to talk and meet new people. The internet allows today’s generation to meet in new ways compared to the mixers and other gatherings past generations. The internet allows students to connect with their professors through email. If a student doesn’t understand a problem on the homework they can just email the professor or even have the option to email the whole entire lecture class without even leaving their bedroom. Past generations had more of an issue trying to communicate to their professors or other classmates. Most colleges and universities utilize the internet when it comes to connecting with the students. Nowadays surveys will be emailed to students asking for feedback on issues or events going on around campus. The internet allows students to use their voices on things they do or do not like around campus. Another way colleges use the internet to communicate with students is emailing the students when there is danger or school closing on campus. With a simple email or text students can now be alerted about danger on campus. Campuses today feel more connected with the students and staff compared to past generations of college campuses without the internet making the campus more connective and safer.
    Imaging life without the internet is very hard for most of today’s generations and may even be impossible. College campuses were forever changed when the internet became present in everyone’s lives. The internet expands knowledge that never seemed possible for some people and finds a way to connect everyone. Many things achieved on college or university's campus would do not have been done without the internet and today’s generation needs to be thankful for all the advances that we have today.