Monday, February 1, 2016

Social Media and Communication

It's no question that social media has become a vital part of communication in today's society.  Growing up in Generation Y, I have experienced first hand at all of the latest and changing technology, social media sites, and much more.  Although I firmly believe that social media is so important in the way that we communicate in mass amounts, I do believe that our generation, and the ones that follow, are relying on it too closely to do all of our communicating for us.

When you take a look at kids now, almost anyone could agree that they are always glued to their phones.  They spend all of their time sifting through their news feeds, and looking at multiple pictures that have no meaning to them. I know this, because I am definitely one of these kids.  Even though I realize it, I still catch myself constantly checking snapchat for updates, twitter for the latest news, and facebook to make sure I catch all of my upcoming events.  They way I see social media is as a resource, which is what everyone honestly should do.  But the way I rely on communicating with others is definitely more than a resource. 

Often times, I catch myself in awkward face-to-face communication situations.  I never realized it until recently.  I act different in the ways that I communicate on social media compared to human interaction.  This is because my whole life, I have relied on technology to do all of the work for me.  I never really exercised my human interaction skills because I always had Myspace and MSN Messenger to use to talk to my friends growing up.  So do I think that social media is taking over human interaction? Maybe.  I think that kids should learn these vital skills that they are definitely going to need once they get into college, or start interviewing for jobs.  Social media should be seen as a resource for mass media, and not as a replacement for all forms of communication

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  1. As I firmly believe in everything that Elliot has said there are a few topics in which I can state that are relevant to how society is ran through our mobile devises. I absolutely agree with Elliot’s post on how so many people are socially awkward due to the fact that their communications skills are week because they are so zoned in constantly at a device that they don’t need to talk to or express feeling to. They can do it behind the scenes through a screen which more than half the time doesn’t get a problem solved due to the fact you can’t go face to face and express verbally and non-verbally through normal communication. But that’s where society has gone and so far even though some don’t agree it has been successful. The reason I say that is everyone has followed that trend of that’s how we deal with problems and its considered a norm for the most part. I feel over time it has just gotten worse. It went from come to my office face to face to let me give you a call and we can talk it out to informal emails back and forth and now to texting which isn’t always a bad thing If you can some problems or just communicate through that view point. Where I really think, this plays a vital role is the time is money aspect. One thing about this new way of communication is you can get so much more done in one day than you can the old way. For example in real estate. If you need to write an offer for a client or open up a property you can do that in just a few simple steps. You can beat people to the punch if you will. You can view properties in pictures through your mobile screen. You can even open up lock boxes on properties through an app on your mobile phone, to me that’s just crazy. You can get everything you need to know within seconds through you phone instead of having to go home and look it up on the computer “the old fashion way” Even though you can still do that today its just not as affective.
    In addition Social media has taken a huge stance in how the world is viewed. Some people use social media as a job. They get paid using social media. Others run their companies through social media and which has impacted their lives tremendously. And than the rest just use it for leisure. For me personally I run a company through social media. It’s a hobby of mine. I own a wooden sunglass company called Timber Pines Co. and my big thing is instagram. Why? Because I focus on a worldwide job market and find world travelers and other people to rep my brand through their different lence. Posting pictures with my sunglasses broadening my horizons to different parts of the world.

    Thanks for the post Elliot I enjoyed it.