Monday, February 29, 2016

The Fallacy of Rugged Individualism

Rugged individualism is the belief that the government should not interfere with its citizens lives, and not provide any help because the individuals will figure things out on their own. It is an idea and a term that president Herbert Hoover and his administration used very often. 
This belief is very flawed and not healthy for our societies, communities, and even us individually. Rugged by definition means rough, harsh, full of hardship and trouble etc. Individualism by definition means the pursuit of the individual rather then common or collective interest. Humans are meant to live in groups because we not only survive but we also build a happy life when we work in groups. We are co-dependent to one another. By our selves we would only be surviving and not only living. 
Another reason why I think Hoover's logic is flawed is the fact that the U.S government gets it's power by the people as well as it's money from our taxes and other finds. We give consent to chosen and trusted individuals to work with other trusted and chosen individuals to make decisions for us and to make sure that we are protected and moving forward in a positive direction. We also have agreed to pay income taxes, buying taxes, property taxes, and other taxes in order for the government to build, maintain, and better our lifestyles. So every four years we are voting to be represented, and everyday we are paying to be taken cared of in a way.
Hoovers campaign slogan were "We are turning the corner" and "A chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage" both of those slogans speak of helping each other and the situation of the country as a whole, but once he was elected he used the rugged individuality idea which has nothing to do with the country as a whole or people working together.

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