Friday, June 2, 2017

Seat Belt Safety

Morgan Pommier De’Mornay Pierson-El
Project Portfolio
*You have the flyer, posters are hanging. Here is the link to the original video, the new one is being difficult with uploading.*
                                            In addition to what we had started in the spring, we have added more interactive events. Besides focusing on the daily pictures sent in, we will add a little more creativity that we missed the first go round. In class we discussed a “democracy” meaning for the people. Seatbelts can, and they do save lives. By this being a solid fact, to protect more people as they travel and relocate is one main focus. Our target audience is very broad, however being on a college campus, our peers have a close view of why seatbelt safety is important. Especially when traveling to and from school and home. Being that is it the summer time, students of all ages are on campus in camps and participating in events.
                                            Gathering a large section of these students attention should be easy and interesting, they would be our audience. Creating flyers as well holding posters to give students a nice visual and a catchy slogan to keep as they continue to view the campus. Although the flyers could get dropped, or even wasted on the ground, it is still sending a message to curious walkers if they want to know what the paper says. In a large “agora” type place, we will use the union as the gathering area. We will also incorporate the Fraternity Organization. This will be a great visual, and entertainment, as they perform their hops and chants. Not only do they show support and care about seatbelt safety, but also practice it as well. Omega Psi Phi actively does road trips and travels as they go to spread awareness about their organization itself. Support for the Seatbelt safety is very evident and clear in the sense of spreading it worldwide.
                                            Remembering the message will be easy for younger students. Having entertainment and actions will bring more attention for on lookers to wonder what we are doing. The flyers and posters as well as us explaining what we are doing will be a good delivery method. Besides the digital portion of it. Arranging it in a way that is most effective, would be finding the busiest times the union is busy. Finding times, before or after class when we can display our interactions to get the most viewers will be a little difficult. We will try one day in the beginning of the week, and one at the end (Most likely Tuesday and Friday). Depending on availability from the organization. These times have to be adaptable due to class, work schedules and practice however finding a time suitable is important. Lastly we will put together another video of the interaction and performances with the audience as we also get reactions from them.
                                                Seatbelt Safety is a hot topic in today’s society for a multitude of reasons. Children up until age 13 are required to have seatbelts on due to their size of their body. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure they both are strapped in. The younger in age car seats are a necessity for the child. If you are caught driving without a seat belt on, you can receive a ticket for a minimum of 130 dollars.  An estimate of 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, according to an article written in Road Crash Statistics. A car crash can lead to disability, death however it can be prevented, or even reduced by the use of a seatbelt.
                                            By implicating “Support Safety with Seatbelts”, our friends would have no reason not to promote and help motivate following good cause. Using social media, snapchat, twitter and Facebook the “SSS” will be easily delivered, and be shared across each medium. Different segments will be used as a catchy slogan to get more people involved as the weeks go on. It will be easily organized because every comment, picture, and video will be recorded for the data that will later be pieced together in a presentation. On Snapchat, people can easily comment underneath, upon explanation as to what SSS is, they will participate and send pictures in. With twitter a hashtag can gather participation from followers worldwide. Instagram now has a new feature where you can go “live” comments will continue, as we display us currently participating in the “Seatbelt Safety”. Morgan comes from a southern background, while DeMornay comes from an eastern background. The style in how we speak, use different slang, as well as the variety of people we both know, there will be an interesting participation from people not just local, but from back home and different backgrounds. Pictures last a lifetime, you can always recall or pull them back up once they are released. The language, tone and creativity within each video will make it memorable. Sense this is a good cause, receiving participation and support with followers, friends and onlookers.
                                            With two members of the group, our only issue may be time, but plenty of content will be included. However within each week there will consist of a “Story Time”, which will have a detailed story as to how seatbelts saved, and or protected us, and other interviews we will agree on later. (As we want to include participation and how the SSS production has helped.) Hashtags on twitter will occur every few days to give people time to send in pictures. Instagram will be used for the live viewing inside the car and traffic troubles that really occur. Snapchat will be an everyday use, while traveling and or receiving personal pictures of friends in a car. Our goal is to receive more pictures each week as it gets closer to the finished project date. We will then construct a data table of all the pictures we received, tally participation, include our personal videos, a take away segment and lastly stories of how we helped others in this study.  By including participation this will make the project more diverse along with memorable for not just us, but for the followers as well.
It has been changed a few times. However we have found a good time that the union is at its busiest throughout the day. This would be in the morning, before class starts. There are posters, as well as flyers that will be displayed. The Omega Psi Phi fraternity will also participate in the entertainment as well as promotion due to the road trips they participate in. On Friday before class, a few suckers and flyers will be passed around the union. Pictures and videos will be taken as we are in act. A video will be produced. The flyer, and poster will be included in the portfolio, and we are currently looking for places the poster may be able to be plastered up. The flyers may be surrounded all around the ground and placed in kids backpacks as they head home from camps. Monday will also be a day we reappear and repeat the seatbelt safety promo.
Final Piece
            In the short amount of time we had for class, we were able to get a lot done. The fact that we had also had previous experience made it memorable. Two different days we sat in front of the Union around 11. This was a perfect time, it was lunch break, tours were going on, and class was right after. While out in front of the union, we engaged with a lot of people. It was easy to connect and spark conversation about seatbelts. Some people seen us, and came and asked questions. As we explained what we were doing, and why we were doing it, they couldn’t wait to get involved. I guess it also helped that we had suckers taped to the back of the flyers. Shouting “HEY, You want a sucker for seatbelt safety?!” Definitely got people’s attention. Their focus was drawn in, as the posters we created were bright neon orange and green. One poster had facts, with GPS maps, and the other had people in the car with their seatbelt on and the slogan on it. Each poster is currently hanging up on campus. In the MCC, and in the Stadium. In both of these places we also conducted short interviews with people we say each time we came back for the performance infornt of the union. We asked simple questions. “Do you wear your seatbelt? How many stories have you heard of car crashes? Are you usually the driver? Have you taken any road trips lately?” Then we asked more direct questions that wouldn’t be a bad idea once the idea was in their head. Such as, “Once you get in the car, suggest you don’t leave until all seatbelts are on.” Or “To save a life, sit in a seat wear your belt, it is simple.” As well as giving out suckers, people still sent in seatbelt safety selfie pictures. (Which people were excited to hear it was still a movement from February). Connecting with people in the MCC presented a down to earth conversation with people who work and travel through the streets as well. Talking with random people showed the care is for all people, not just the ones we know. Getting involved with police officers, coaches, and well respected people in the city, their participation was more than appreciated. The posters gave a great presentation, as well as a message. The flyers, although were left on the ground, were also still looked at as people passed by. People loved the suckers, the selfies continued to roll on in. We remade a video with added scenes of members of the Omega Psi Phi chapter set out hops for seatbelt safety. Due to the multiple road trips they take every few months to spread awareness of topics including seatbelt safety as one. The YouTube view originally made got more views as well.  The most important part was engaging with people on and off campus to promote something so simple, as wearing a seatbelt could save your life. A seatbelt is a superhero. We were the sidekicks performing a heroic deed.

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