Friday, June 2, 2017

Aaron Williams
Blog 3
Often times when I’m on YouTube and I repeatedly search for music in my favorite genres the next time I log onto YouTube the front page will have suggestions of the recent songs I just listen to or suggestion from my favorite artists. Another time I experience this is when I’m on Facebook or twitter and if I like or get tag in certain picture or video then from that point on I will only see a recycle of images/videos from that content. For an example if I constantly watch fight or sports videos then I will have a ton of only those types of videos on my newsfeed. What I find strange is that it will block you from seeing other different sources of contents but on the flip side we do set our own filter bubble up by block stuff/people that we don’t want to see or be associated with.
I encounter different opinions all the time on my newsfeed or on my specific post especially if I say something that spark a debate. For an example, one of my teammate got into some trouble and a lot of fans was bashing him. I comment under one-person post and said how can you judge a person who u have no clue about? This started a big agreement and a lot of negative messages was sent back and forth. Sometimes having different opinions can help you get a different view point about something but a lot times opinions through social medias are very negatives and rude. This leads me to un-following/ blocking them so I want have to deal with their negative energy or just to eliminate them as a person so your profile want show up on timeline no more.
I totally agree that the decline of dissoi logoi is due to the Internet and the increase of polarization. The media has the power to manipulate your mind based on what they present. For an example, if I only watch CNN and never watch ABC news than I’m going to believe everything that CNN is presenting because I don’t have knowledge of nothing else.

Ways to engage in dissoi logoi is becoming more knowledgeable by reading books or staying up to date by watching different media stations so you can have wide range of different opinions so you can gain a deeper understanding of a certain issue. Also engaging into debates, because debates expands your knowledge and allows you to connect to people and make friends.

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