Saturday, June 3, 2017

Extra Credit Post

Christian Gaylord
Extra Credit Blog
Comm 250

            Overall I enjoyed taking this class and what this class proposed to me. With the different topics we discussed in class, nothing caught my attention more then dissoi logoi and how the Internet is trying to disable dissoi logoi. Dissoi logoi is Dissoi Logoi, also called dialexeis, is a two-fold argument, which considers each side of an argument in hopes of coming to a deeper truth. While taking this class, I’ve noticed while I was on the Internet, I would never see anything to do with serious news; by this I mean I would never see what negatives are happening in the world. For example, when the Manchester bombings took place I did not see anything about it on my social media feeds. I think this occurs because I mainly want to see comedy on my social media feeds or pictures of funny animals; but yet again I would like to be well informed with what is occurring in the world.

            I would’ve liked to talk about this a little more in the class because it sparked so much interest in me. I’ve actually discussed with my father why this occurs so often with the Internet. My dad is more of a republican then I am. He told me that he always gets notifications from Fox News and different type of Republican Party notifications. He told me he prefers to see these types of things on his news feed because he wants to argue with his siblings who are more on the democratic side of things. That’s another reason why I enjoyed talking about dissoi logoi so much because I have never really considered the other side of an argument before. When arguing I would assume that I was always correct and the one I were arguing with is wrong. But now learning about dissoi logoi, I consider both sides of the argument.

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