Saturday, June 3, 2017

Extra Credit Post

I enjoyed this class much more the second time through, mostly because we were able to go more in depth into conversations/debates.
The one topic I wish we talked more on was political polarization. We talked a decent amount in one of our class periods about this topic, but I feel that there was so much more we could've mentioned. I would have liked to more about political polarization with our 'Millenial' generation. To me, one of the biggest problems with some of the social movements is about free speech, and what that means to members of each party. In my opinion, if someone in our generation aligns with liberal views, they seem to want free speech for everyone until they hear something they don't like. There are so many other issues that I have noticed in the last year, and I don't want to type out each reason, I just wish we could have discussed some of these issues that are very noticeable in the present day.
I do want to bring up how it is tough to see how my generation is treating people. I think that we are treating veterans worse than illegal immigrants. We protect and defend criminals and outcast the police. Everyone thinks that their party's plan is the right one to rescue America, when there isn't a need to rescue. This is just causing the political poles to divide even more. I loved being able to speak my mind and my views on a daily basis in this class, while others showed respect for their classmates' opinions at the same time. It was the first class I have taken at this University where I have experienced how political arguments should be done.

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