Saturday, June 3, 2017

Filter bubble

My filter bubble is pretty simple for someone with a busy schedule like mine. A lot of my followers of course come from people who know me personally, however adding in fans and sports the list can go on and on. I receive a lot of tweets, or messages of praise and congratulations, and who wouldn’t want to see that all the time. Being a part of the football team, people have a lot of good things to say. Dealing with the school, its programs and students from various places in the world. There is also time when the players can receive hate messages, and negative things about the team. Those are hard to read simply because we have to watch what we say, how we say it and watch who we speak with. So in a way everything I do in the use of social media is monitored, and therefore filtered. I watch what I say, as well as think about it before it is posted. 
Filter means to go through a device to remove unwanted material. By monitoring what I say before I say it, I can filter out more unnecessary tweets that would arise. In reality, filtering is very helpful in a sense of the type of vibes you want around you. Any bad vibes, negative thoughts, or bad tweets, I do ignore. Taking the time out to block each and every individual would cut into the time I barely already have. By placing myself around people with the same goals as me, likes and fans who love what I do, I usually see a lot of the things that relate to something I do, or like. 
The more and more I look further into what actually is on my feed, and the “suggested sites” or friends to follow I notice a trend. The algorithms mimic me, therefore my media is based off of me. I like that the data concludes to what my hobbies are. However on the opposite side of things, I wonder who is really paying close attention to me based off of what I like. Sometimes it is hard to tell who even wants to know me personally. Or if they don’t see me outside of just one role I play. Filter bubbles are used in various ways. Not only viewing certain things on social media but also separating personal from fake. 
Dissoi logoi allows a person to listen and understand both sides of the story. I personally am more accessible to listening to a different view if they know what they are talking about. By understanding the motives, reasoning and roles, the mediator can come to a clear understanding as why this person may view one topic one way compared to another. Dissoi Logoi also has a way of giving a fair chance to all participates within a situation. As well as if the person is genuinely trying to see my side of the view. Then the conversation becomes easier. However there are cases when the other side of the story is rude, disrespectful or not worthy of listening to. At that point it’s simply ignored, which the information gets filtered immediately. 

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