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Commons Campaign - Against Drunk Driving

Commons Campaign
Project Portfolio
Due June 2nd, 2017
Evan Cox, Tyrin Ferguson, Aaron Williams
Driving Under the Influence
Initial Proposal
We feel that driving under the influence of alcohol is a current issue that has affected many people today and in many years past. It not only effects those who get cited for a DUI, but also those in their family, their job, and can cause pain to other families if there were injuries or fatalities.
In the past several days, we have been thinking of possible constraints to the matter that involves being against drunk driving. In our opinion, we feel that even the most radical protesting groups never promote drunk driving. Everybody knows that drunk driving is bad, the problem is – There are not many advertisements for drunk driving as there is for cigarettes or hard drugs. Our main goal is simply to increase awareness and get as many impressions as possible out to people. These quick and easy reminders can make or break someone’s decision making process, and could ultimately save someone’s life along the line.
We feel that with an issue of drunk driving in general American culture is at a very high caliber. Due to our opinion on the seriousness of our topic, our audience can be very abstract. Since we are all college students, we think that we should move forward with our intended audience to persuade should be all college students. Having our message spread to college students by college students should really hit home with the number of impressions it makes. This means that most of our promoting would be on the campus of University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A very high traffic area we plan on focusing on off-campus will be the downtown bar scene. The vicinity of “O” Street between the 12th and 16th Streets contains a majority of the bars where students aged 21-24 spend a lot of time on the weekends. We will include surrounding gas stations and liquor stores that are either directly adjacent to campus, or well known hot spots for college students.
We plan on adding our creative touch to the campaign by promoting in gas stations where there is really no regard for being the legal age to consume alcohol and verifying that the person is over 21 years of age. We will be going downtown and place no drinking and driving flyers around the surrounding cars parked near bars that within 5-10 minutes away from the middle of campus. With our specific group, we have a decent amount of followers across numerous social media platforms. We plan on developing a simple, and creative hashtag that shows the meaning of what we are promoting at a glance.
We plan on making our campaign more successful and unforgettable by using the resources that surrounds us. We are contacting numerous professionals that are directly involved with the criminal charge of ‘Driving Under the Influence.” We are speaking with local city and county police officers and sheriffs. We are also contacting Nebraska State Patrol officers in Omaha, Lincoln, and other outposts in rural Nebraska. We will be contacting defense attorneys that specialize in DUI’s to interview them on all of the factors that they are involved in. On top of all of this discussion and information we gather from local professionals, we believe that using our social media accounts will lead to great success and leave a lasting impression for individuals. All of this will increase our networking experience, meeting many new people that specialize in all different types of work, but focus on fighting for the same cause.
Final Portfolio
Over the last ten days, our group has put in a total of twenty hours working and promoting our topic, Against Drunk Driving. We worked very well together as a group because we knew we were working for a good cause that we all believed heavily in. We have seen the struggles that individuals have gone through because of the mistakes they have made driving under the influence. We have seen the effects first hand that it causes to families and loved ones. We have seen the movements that have risen in our own respective states we have come from to come to as close to and end for drunk driving as possible. We knew going in that we were not going to bring the number of DUI’s to zero. We did know that the effort we put into our campaign could save someone. We pondered as a group when we thought about ‘saving someone.’ We might not be saving the person who is drinking and driving, but possibly their job, or the other driver they could’ve hit. We might be saving the mother, father, or child of someone that is cared for immensely. We were all on board that we wanted to make a difference in our community on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.
We started by getting connected to local and state police officers, interviewing them and asking questions about DUI’s and the problems they cause in communities. We also asked about their efforts to put an end to drinking and driving. The highlight of my interview with Trooper Kyle McAcy from the NSP was when I asked him, “What is the biggest problem with drunk driving?” He responded, “The biggest problem with drunk driving is the unnecessary loss of life and injury, and the tragic impact it has on communities.”
 Afterwards, we found attorneys in the Lincoln area that we also interviewed and found more about the costs of getting a DUI. I sat down with Todd D. Bennett, J.D., who is an attorney at law here in Lincoln. I asked him, “How much will getting a DUI cost me?” Todd responded, “Well, besides the possibility of it costing your job, license, and family, between the court costs, lawyer fees, and fines, it can be anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.”
Afterwards we developed posters with simple designs that we could place around UNL's campus. We wanted to make the posters as easy to read as possible. We felt that this would make our message easy to read at a glance. After creating all of the posters, we printed them out in bulk and placed them at local hotspots around Lincoln. We focused on popular bars and liquor stores that students go to throughout the year. We took pictures at the locations that we placed posters, and spoke with local police officers in the downtown area about what we were doing, which they greatly appreciated. We will attach a few of the pictures we took next to our posters in the aforementioned locations.
Later, we sat down as a team and discussed potential hashtag ideas to use on our social media accounts. Since Tyrin and Aaron have a large amount of followers, we used their Facebook and Twitter accounts to blast out the message to a greater number of people. We chose the message #DriveHammeredGetSlammered. It was original to us, and exceeded our own expectations with the feedback we received from their followers. Some Husker football fans replied, giving them praise for what they were doing not only on the field, but off the field as well.
We spoke with the campus police about teaming up for another partnership in regards to spreading our message more on-campus this coming fall when all of the students are here. We are planning to make an impression on as many students as possible when the highest percentages of DUI’s occur on or adjacent to campus.
Many things went well for us throughout our campaign. From the beginning, with the group we selected, we knew we could do well together. Our team oriented mentality got us through the biggest hurdles of the project. We were able to properly and evenly split up the work between the three members and get as much work done as possible and be as efficient as possible at the same time. Everything went extremely well, you could compare us to a well-oiled machine.
If we could do anything differently the next time around, we would first like to be given more time. If we had more time, we would’ve been able to start a GoFundMe page and try to receive donations from people supporting our cause. We planned on using that money to make wristbands with our #DriveHammeredGetSlammered motto on them. We are hoping to make up for the shortened time period by capitalizing on the opportunity we were given with the campus police. We want nothing more than to spread our message as much as possible in our community and ultimately make a difference.
Photo Evidence of our intervention

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