Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Post #3

Marissa L. Jackson
Blog Post #3
Depending on the subject, my posts on Facebook can create quite a stir among my conservative family members. I post against Trump, pro-life, and what not and my friends like the post, but no comments from the family. However, I posted about  eating chicken nuggets, my cousin and sister comment that I need to eat healthier and that chicken nuggets are disgusting and blah blah blah. The littlest things make the biggest splash. There have been times that I have deleted someone due to their views whether it’s about their religious preferences and they said something that personally offended me, or if they posted about something ridiculous and what not. I definitely believe that dissoi logoi is dissipating with the advance in technology due to the amount of communication over the screen rather than face to face. The movie Gamer comes to mind, where a guy in his basement plays a “game” where, in reality, he’s controlling a real life person (Gerard Butler’s character) who is just trying to support his family while he’s in this version of prison. Some people don’t realize that what they say online does actually affect people’s lives whether it’s over a game or over a Facebook post, things can be said and actions may be taken afterwards. Some actions I’d take to be involved in more dissoi logoi would be to get involved in what’s going on around me- without my phone and social media. A good example would be involving the organization I helped spread awareness for, Save South Sudanese Orphans and Widows. I didn’t find out about the organization till my second semester at UNL. I first heard about it through a friend, who i now call my roommate, then I helped out by making a couple flyers and posters for some of their events. Now, I’m the clubs official/unofficial Graphic Designer and next semester I might be the Primary Programmer. I never would’ve been in a club or had even paid attention to an organization like that, because although I’m outgoing and can be social, I work all the time and would rather make money than spend my time at a club meeting- awful, I know, such is life. However, seeing dissoi logoi take place in everyday would be like going to a restaurant to eat and then working at a restaurant before or after that. It really opens your eyes to how to treat others and why treating the help whether it’s at a restaurant, store, daycares, etc. the golden rule is treat others the way you want to be treated and that includes the help.

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