Friday, June 2, 2017

filter bubble

Morgan Pommier
Filter Bubble

            I feel as if filter bubbles are basically mandatory. In a way the social media you view, and the things you follow it is all based off of you. Your likes, your hobbies, your friends, and funny memes that you can relate too, or create a memory from. I do not like filter bubbles, because they limit the different views of people. It is very important to understand where people come from. The way everyone perceives something is not the same. Therefore, this would open your eyes to something completely different you may not have thought of.
            However if the other side of the dissoi logoi is not a part of my everyday routine, or interest it would already be filtered out. Based off of how the algorithm works. The data collected would project the things I want to see or am interested in. This is also how the app itself gets more usage from people all around the world. The more it works based off of what the induvial likes, the more coverage they receive. I believe filter bubbles work in a way alongside with the algorithm to make sure the right information stays, and the other disappears. However there are ways our attention may be caught if something out of the ordinary plays onto our screens.
            I do not think filter bubbles are bad, but I do feel as if they could be hiding something. And “framing it” as “what you don’t want to see”. The way the black box works is really unknown. Yet and still all of our hobbies is being viewed, recorded, and even sold. However that itself is not mentioned in the news, UNLESS it has a “breaking news” title. Which of course catches the eye. Hearing both sides of the story is not only necessary but a good tool in deciphering the next step.

                                         Personally I believe anything dealing with polarization is unfair as well as a division that will continue to keep segregation an option in today’s society. Segregation allows for judgement upon anyone who is not in or near your current stage of life. Internetworked media in my eyes limits polarization, not increase. Internetworking connects various networks using devices to ensure communication. In my eyes this brings multiple business together to not only compare data, but evaluate it and plan for the better uses for the future. 

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