Friday, June 2, 2017

475 Drive

Comm 250
Commons Campaign Portfolio
Brodey Weber, Tanner Townsend, Khaled Alsubaie

The Proposal:
Between the three of us we recognized an exigence on campus as students drinking and driving, and the fact that it can be completely prevented with a promotion the 475 Ride Program. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln states that “475-RIDE is a cab service that can provide student with a ride home they are in an unsafe situation and have exhausted all other methods of transportation.” Our audience is absolutely the students at UNL. With 70% of students on campus drinking, we want students at UNL to know two things. First that drinking and driving is very dangerous and can impact multiple lives, and second that there is no reason for them to drink and drive when there is a program like 475 Ride. Another part of our audience would be University Officials themselves to help promote this program.  As a group we have discussed certain constraints we might run into. The biggest one we see right now, is hesitation from the University to really promote the program to the extent we want to see. They may see this as almost saying it’s completely acceptable to drink and then just call the service for a free ride. It’s very similar to abstinence only education, in the fact of promoting individuals on how to be safe when they are doing something they are encouraged not to do in the first place. We are very confident that our commons campaign will be a very fitting response to the exigence. This is because we will through multiple ways of reaching our audience on platforms they will be familiar with. When it comes to social media we will be using both hashtags and geofilters in collaboration with a video. A hashtag is used to identify messages on a specific topic in regard to social media. We plan on using something along the line of #NoDrinkNoDrive475. Hashtags are primarily used on Twitter and Instagram but have started to be noticed on facebook as well. To capture a larger audience we want to expand the campaign to Snapchat as well. Snapchat describes geofilters as a “special overlays that communicate the “where and when” of a Snap in a fun way, whether you're sending it to a friend or adding it to your Story. We plan on revealing our hashtag and geofilter with a Community or University official explaining them through a video on social media. While we reach out the students through social media, we plan on reaching out the University in a completely different way. We want to partner up with the 475 Ride program and see how we can help promote it better, as well as New Student Enrollment and the Daily Nebraskan. The way we plan to go about this is by creating a survey students can participate in anonymously by just answering a few questions (i.e. Have you ever heard of 475 Ride? Have you ever needed to use 475 Ride? etc.). Once we have this information we will take it to the Daily Nebraskan and see if they could either do an opinion and/or news piece. We also will try to show that while New Student Enrollment does a good job letting new students know how they can be punished for drinking on campus, they could do a much better job of promoting students on how to be safe if they do choose to do it.
We believe this will be a very creative campaign as we try to reach many students through platforms they are use to, in very fun and engaging ways. It’s also an inventive approach as we are going to try to convince the University to promote the program rather than telling students they will get in trouble for drinking. It will be structured from the standpoint of students who are aware that other students drink. We will be reaching out to the audience to show them that students drunk driving is a big problem, and that if nothing is done it could lead to even death. When it comes to the stylistic elements, we’ll make sure to use proper language for the occasion, that this is a serious problem that is preventable if more students can learn from other students how to prevent this. To make this memorable we’ll be discussing instance of drunk driving and the result that came from that. With the majority of our campaign targeting students not to drink and drive we’ll be focusing delivering our message on social media.

Next Week:
  • Survey People
  • Contact 475 Ride, Daily Nebraskan, New Student Enrollment
  • Record and edit the video
  • Finish our geofilter and hashtag
  • Interview people

Final Week:
  • Release video with hashtag and geofilter
  • Daily Nebraskan article published
  • New Student Enrollment adding 475 Ride to their presentation
  • Reveal the results from the anonymous surveys
The Explanation: Khaled
After knowing everything about what will happen when drink and drive, and all the death and problems that caused to others. Tanner, Brodey, and Khaled have decided to take a step and something to the community that will help everyone in Nebraska and raise the awareness of the citizen. First, we have done a survey about how many students drink alcohol at UNL and we found that “73% of students claim to drink alcohol on the UNL Campus.” second, Brodey has contacted the Daily Nebraskan to write a report about 475 drive, what the campaign does, and why is it exist. Also, he has contacted the NSE at UNL to raise the awareness of all the students and let them know about everything in the campus. Tanner has contacted the 475 to collaborate with them to renovate the campaign and let it be more active than ever. Tanner has created a hashtag called “#NoDrinkNoDrive475” which will be used in Instagram, Twitter, and some of the social media. Then Khaled has designed a Geofilter which will be used in snapchat. The point of creating the Geofilter that is we want to reach everyone in the social media and let them know about the program. Also, we want everyone to be aware of the campaign. In addition, we want everyone to use the Geofilter in snapchat and send to to their friends and share it in the social media to have a strong community about the campaign. The final survey that we have done at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that is if anyone know and have heard about the 475 drive. We were shocked by the data that we got, more than have of them do not know about the 475 drive and most of them drink and drive. We believe this campaign should have a strong community and do more outdoor campaign to raise the awareness of everyone to have a beautiful life.
The Evidence: Brodey
The first part of our campaign that we started was the hashtag. We wanted something catchy so people could easily remember it but also something that was pragmatic. We were sitting in the classroom throwing out ideas and then Tanner said “what about No Drink No Drive 475?”. Thus we came up with the hashtag #NoDrinkNoDrive475. The next step of our campaign was creating the geo filter for Snapchat. Khaled had some experience in that so he worked on it for a few days. After he came to class with a really creative one, he submitted it to UNL to get approved so kids on Campus could use it. After an incident with his laptop, he had to make a new one. That geofilter is currently up for being approved. The next step was getting the attention of the Administration. The goal was to get New Student Enrollment (NSE) on board with informing incoming students about the program. Rather than just having three students come and talk to them, we thought if the school paper took a position that would give them more of an incentive to think about it. Since Brodey writes for the Daily Nebraskan, he went to an opinion writer (Rhiannon Cobb) and her editor. Since the Daily Nebraskan doesn’t have as high as readership in the Summer, they discussed the possibility of having an opinion article on why NSE should discuss the program in one of the Fall editions. The final step was getting data to show everyone why this was important. Since we had three weeks and a lot of other responsibilities we had to do a small sample size. We each asked ten friends if they drink, if they drink and drive or get in a car with someone who does, if they know what was 475 Drive was and if they think the University should promote it more. For example Brodey had nine out of ten friends admit to drinking. Of the nine who drink, seven have been in a car while someone was driving drunk. Only one out of the ten friends knew about 475 Drive while all ten believed that it should be promoted better. Tanner also had some evidence on drinking and driving from a former class project.
The Reflection: Tanner

Coming into this project as a group we were more worried on the fact of receiving a good grade. The campaign itself did not appeal to us but as the class went on and we really started to do the campaign we had a change of heart. While looking back on the process of the project we took upon ourselves if there was anything that could have been changed was the time. For us trying to do all that we truly wanted in 3 weeks was tough. Starting off with that set back really pushed us to speed up the process and to make the contacts that we wanted. Other than time, a more fixable situation was finding a good avenue to get our word across. At first, we wanted to just put poster boards spreading awareness around campus, we were not utilizing the fact that we have group members that have many different skills and connections. Doing such put us at a setback but once we molded as a group and figure out we came up with much better ideas. This brings us into what we believe made our campaign great and why we have achieved good things. As we modeled and became aware of our individual skills we started to take action. Brodey found that his political history and knowledge could help us get the awareness from politicians and higher Nebraskan leaders. This boosted our progress because we gained access and found that we will be able to meet with a politician to talk about our campaign and raise awareness. We gained another advantage in acquiring another talent with Khaled in graphic design. Khaled made the SnapChat filter promoting the no drink no drive call 475. This call 475 was our biggest accomplishment that we feel really made our project. Tanner was the last member that brought his knowledge of marketing to the table. The group needed good ways to get the campaign off and going and Tanner found the ways of social media and internet to get the campaign in the ears and minds of the audience.

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