Saturday, June 3, 2017

Aaron Williams
Extra Credit
One concept that I found entertaining during this class is the different fallacies we learned about. Today in my extra credit blog I’m going to talk about the Three Men Make a Tiger fallacy. What you will gain from this blog is the benefits, flaws, and a little background information.
Many of us fall victim and initiate this fallacy everyday. This fallacy basically believes a story after hearing it so many times. Now just take a moment and think about how many times you have did that or if you’re doing it now. For an example when I was growing up my sisters will always tell me if I put salt in my shoes and let it stay in them over night then I will grow a couple inches next time I wear the shoes. Not only did my sisters tell me that but so did my grand-mom, mom, and aunties so I use to believe it. I know this is a childish rumor but I’m showing the correlation and accuracy of what this fallacy mean and how easily we believe things.
The problem with this fallacy is that it doesn’t account for any true evidence to make it creditable. For an example I can start a rumor and say Johnny rob my house last night but he really didn’t. After I start to tell people this false accusation word of mouth will get around and now people will start to judge Johnny character and view him as a thief. Also this will start a lot of gossiping. Another flaw in this fallacy is how would you be able to know if the person you’re listening to is creditable and honest? These are just a couple of flaws with this fallacy.
But they’re a couple benefits to this fallacy also. To me the biggest benefits is a person can create an image for their selves by put them in a position to be successful. For an example I can start a rumor and say I have intern for some of the top investments companies in the state of Georgia. After word of mouth get around and the right person might hear it and that possibly can lead me to real job opportunity.
As time past and the more our nation has developed this fallacy has became one the most used fallacy to me. Because if we look on TV we see a lot of reality and talk shows which is nothing but gossip session and the world tune in everyday to watch it. This is my blog about the Three Men Make a Tiger Fallacy, I hope you enjoy it. 

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