Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Women's March

On January 21, 2017, over a million gathered as one to march for their rights.  The Women’s March in Washington D.C. inspired others around the world to gather in their communities and march as well, creating a social movement that I think was even bigger than they thought it would be.  This event was so successful that The Washington Post believes that it will go farther than any other movement.  Black Lives Matter had good intentions in the beginning, but there was a lot of violence associated with it, making it not as successful in carrying out its mission.  The rhetoric used in the Women’s March movement was peaceful.  Of course, there were signs or costumes that some may not agree with, but to each their own.  The point is that the acts of donning signs and costumes did not hurt anyone or create any violent actions.  People were not marching the street to destroy the place, but to spread a message.  This is one of the reasons why this movement could be something even greater than what it is now.  Another reason is that middle-class women and those in power are supporting this, which is something that was missing in other movements.  With the support of people with power, many more doors open up for the movement.  There are of course people who are opposed to the movement because they say they are pro-life, but it isn’t enough to stop it.  A lot people who are opposed to it argue that their rights were not violated, so they didn’t understand why others were marching.  Well, the point of it was that some people felt that their rights were under threat.  Though flaws have been found with the Women’s March, such as an unspecific goal for it, but that won’t be the last of it.  This is movement is just getting started.


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