Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cell Phones Are Out To Get Us

           For most of us our phones never leave our sight, and if it does we know exactly where it is, or even who has it.  In most cases (no pun intended), they are the biggest distraction we come across on a daily basis and are a huge hindrance academically.  Studies from the journal Social Psychology believes that just simply having your phone visible may distract you from performing complex tasks. "The sight of a cell phone reminds people of the ‘broader social community’ they can access via texting and the internet”, says study author Bill Thornton.  It is true, it’s hard to not go on your phone and stay to on task but luckily for us companies have insulted our self-control and they have created the one and probably not the only “cell lock up”. Hopefully you don’t come across an emergency cause this cell phone death trap will only open when the set timer is finished.  For only $25 you can risk your safety but stay perfectly on task. I’m sure in the long run it’ll be worth it. 

         According to that same study, they actually looked at 50 college students, the students were asked to complete different motor tasks with the study leader’s phone visible.  In the second, they completed motor tasks with their own phones visible.  Both sessions suffered compared to groups with no visible sell phones.
       Have you ever noticed it taking you twice as long to finish your homework or blog post?Me either, but a study by Dr. Larry Rosen, a psychology professor,  students were observed studying for a 15-minute period where they were told to "study something important.” He found that students generally started to lose focus after about three minutes. On average "students only spent about 65 percent of the observation period actually studying." 
        Lets say we normally spend 30 minutes reading for comm 250, with our phones visible we are looking at spending at least an extra 10 minutes just because of distractions.  Putting your phone away is so hard because you need to see how many likes you got on your Insta post, but unless your followers are paying for your school, just keep your phone out of sight and out of mind.  Research has proven that cell phones can play a huge role in the decline of success and time management.

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