Thursday, February 2, 2017

Human traffic

A topic that is often times looked over is Human Trafficking. Most people do not look too much into this topic until they soon realize all of the connections that may come with it. A kidnapping of a young five year old can never know her true identity. A rape that happened to a young girl in high school causes her to run away and be forced into the streets. As well as a grown woman out at the bars date raped with a drug slipped into her drink. Unfortunately these are not made up stories, nor are they situations that occur in only the movies. These movies are real, and it is called reality.
                Human trafficking is also a “modern aged” slavery route. People who are dominate, or have the power force, labor activities and trade services for money. Matter of fact it is such a great business some states are using jurisdiction to allow for some legal prostitution. I’m not saying it is right, but the argument states “If they are providing a service you should get paid for it”. Therefore this means more people would take this into consideration. Your mother, sister, girlfriend, or even brother could be using their body to make money. Sadly there are even worst connections with this type of “career”, drug abuse, violence, and health issues are all problems that can occur.
                Technology also makes human trafficking a bit easier. With the easy connect, and fast location finding and tons of cites. Back page has descriptions of females, and code words with what activity can be performed. As if you were searching for a car on Craig’s list. “A fast, red bone, speedy car”. Matter of fact Craigs list has even broaden its list of services and products. As well as watching on television the half-naked women, or massive sexual pleasure scenes that makes a viewer wonder. “Sex Sales” is a very used strategy in advertising. It is no shock that what is displayed in the media can change a person’s view on things.
                Human trafficking is alive and well. Even though it is a crime, the illegal benefits continue to make people risk their everyday freedom. Slavery, kidnapping, rape, drugs, violence, all play a role in this crime that is said to be considered to be “legal”.


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